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Environmental Management Division


Environmental Management Division

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

"...to protect current and future training capabilities by respecting and maintaining the natural environment..."

Environmental HW/HM Ops Binder



1.  POC List
2.  Policies/References
    a. MCIEAST Policy Statement on Environmental Management
    b. Hazardous Materials/Hazardous Waste Minimization Policy Template
    c. Reference List
3.  Plans/Procedures
    a. ESOPs
    b. Location Map/Environmental Site List
    c. ULCP (Template)
    d. Evacuation/Staging Route Map
    e. Hazardous Waste Management Plan (If Applicable)
4.  Appointment Letters
    a. Appointment Letter Templates (ESOPs 4.1-4.7)
5.  Training Records (Current/Archived)
    a. Environmental Personnel Training Record Form
6.  Unit AUL
    a. AUL Build Form
    b. AUL Add Form
    c. Shelf-Life/Label Request
7.  HW Site Information
    a. Site Authorization Letter
    b. Profile Sheets (If Applicable)
8.  Inspection Reports
    a. Monthly ECO Checklist
    b. Quarterly ECC Inspection
    c. OWS Daily Inspection Form
    d. SAA Inspection Form
    e. Weekly/Monthly Storage Tank Checklist
    f. Daily AST/Container Storage Log – Field Use
    g. Drum Site Inspection Checklist
9.  Turn-In Documents (52 Weeks)
    a. HM/HW Turn-In Document
    b. MW Turn-In Log
10. Spill Reporting Forms