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The Food Service Division (FSD) provides administrative support and technical guidance to II MEF, MARSOC, TECOM and MCIEAST-MCB Commands, thereby ensuring patrons of the mess halls are provided with well-equipped, state of the art facilities.  The focus is on providing quality meals with responsive service by a well-trained workforce.

FSD accomplishes the mission through constant oversight of the Regional Garrison Food Contract, extensive training of food service personnel, interaction through customer comments from the Interactive Customer Evaluation website and surveys, and development of new feeding concepts.

The MCIEAST-CL Base FSD staff are professionals and are dedicated to providing superior food service support to every patron aboard the installation.


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Operations Officer
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Operations Chief
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Assistant Contracting Officer
Representative (ACOR)

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Special Meal Request Coordinator
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Financial Technician
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Food Technician
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Food Services Division

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Interactive Customer Evaluation

Mess Hall 128
Mess Hall 227
Mess Hall 411
Mess Hall WC-100
Mess Hall AS-4013
Mess Hall FC-420
Mess Hall BB-125
Mess Hall FC-303
Mess Hall FC-65
Mess Hall G-640
Mess Hall M-455 
Mess Hall RR-135

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