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Family Housing Division


Family Housing Division

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune, N.C.
Housing Application Information

IN PERSON.  Applications for On-Base housing are accepted from 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, at the Military Housing Office (MHO), Building TT43, Inchon Street, Tarawa Terrace.

In the absence of the service member, the spouse may apply with a Power of Attorney (POA) and documentation proving the service member is attached to Camp Lejeune/MCASNR.  Please note that a Special Power of Attorney (SPOA) is required for lease signing.  Information and downloadable forms are provided by the MCB Camp Lejeune Staff Judge Advocate at: http://go.usa.gov/YNte.

ADVANCE APPLICATION.  An advance application may be submitted to the Military Housing Office (MHO) at any time, provided the service member is/will be attached to Camp Lejeune/MCASNR.  Once all required documentation is received, one of the following situations will occur: 

  • In cases where there is no Wait List, completed applications are referred to the Public-Private Venture (PPV) Partner, up to six months out. 

  • In cases where there is a Wait List, completed applications are placed on the inbound Wait List until the service member has physically checked in to the Command.  The service member must report to the MHO before advancing to the Freeze Zone, top 10% or top three applicants; whichever is greater for each Wait List.  In the event the service member does not report to the MHO by the date they would enter the Freeze Zone, the application will remain stationary for 30 days or until the service member physically reports to the MHO.  After 30 days, the MHO will cancel the application package and remove the service member’s name from the Wait List. 

CHANGE:  IAW a recent change to MCO 11000.22, the MHO will utilize the date of receipt of a complete application package; to include all qualifying documents and PCS Orders (PCSO), as the Control Date for the MHO Wait List.  Qualifying documents include:  Housing Application (DD Form 1746); Sex Offender Policy Acknowledgement & Disclosure; Pet Registration Addendum (whether or not you have pets); Privacy Act Release Form; Statement of Understanding.  All can be found under our Required Documents tab.  If the documents are received separately, the Control Date will be established upon receipt of the latest document.


You may submit via one of the following methods: 

KEY & ESSENTIAL.  Designated Key and Essential (K&E) personnel can be found at the following link:  MCIE-MCB CAMLEJBUL 11101

PETS.   Incoming personnel are required to complete, sign and date the Pet Addendum Form as part of their applications package; whether or not they currently have pets.  This addendum can be located under the Required Documents tab.

PLEASE NOTE:  Prohibited breed pets are not allowed on the military installation.  If the breed of your pet(s) is questionable, you will be responsible for all expenses incurred for DNA testing and boarding while waiting for DNA results.

INACTIVE WAITING LIST.  If you will not be able to accept housing, you may want to place your application inactive.  Your name will be removed from the waiting list and held in a separate file until the end of the time period you specify.  Your Control Date will remain the same.

CANCELLATION OF APPLICATION.  It is your responsibility to keep your application current.  If we cannot find you, your application will be cancelled.  Please notify us if your contact information changes.