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Family Housing Division


Family Housing Division

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune, N.C.
Required Documents

Please scan all required documents to PDF format and attach as one attachment.  Phone screenshots are not acceptable.  Please email your PDF documents to: lejeunefamilyhousing@usmc.mil

Application for Assignment to Housing / DD Form 1746 
(Please include a valid email address, in case our office needs to contact you)
Sample DD Form 1746, Click Here to view a sample of completed blocks required for applying.

Sex Offender Policy Acknowledgement & Disclosure

Statement of Understanding for On-Base Housing

Pet Addendum

Privacy Act Statement

                                         !!!ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE SELECTED A HOUSING AREA!!!

We are unable to place your application on a Wait List if you have not specified a housing area.  Please ensure that you have provided the housing area name not a floor plan name.  Example:  Berkeley Manor, Tarawa Terrace, Paradise Point 2 story, etc. 

• Basic Individual Record (BIR)

• Page 2 from your Service Record Book (Navy personnel)

Along with the required documents listed above, the service member must provide one of the following:

Original orders with original reporting endorsement


Certified true copies of original orders and reporting endorsement.


Page 3 from your Service Record Book (Marine personnel);

Page 5 from your Service Record Book (Navy personnel).

If you are applying as an inbound applicant, a copy of your Web Orders is required for your application package to be complete.  Please note that Letters of Intent in lieu of Orders are unacceptable for the application process.

General Power Of Attorney: 

GPOA for base housing; Notarization by Notary Public

Special Power Of Attorney:
SPOA for base housing; Notarization before Commissioned Officer 

A General Power of Attorney is acceptable if the following paragraphs are included:

To change, establish, start or stop, increase or decrease any allotment from my military pay for the payment of rent to Atlantic Marine Corps Communities, Lincoln Property, Mid-Atlantic Military Communities or any other property management firm or landlord that owns or manages rental properties aboard a military installation and to take any and all actions that may be necessary, convenient, or proper for such purpose.

I further specifically authorize my attorney-in-fact to sign any residential lease on my behalf and to make, endorse, accept, receive, sign, seal, execute, acknowledge, and deliver agreements, certificates, receipts and such other instruments in writing as may be necessary, convenient, or proper with regard to acceptance of military family rental property, including, but not limited to rental housing pursuant to any joint public/private venture between the United States, the Department of Defense, the Marine Corps, or any subunit thereof and any private, commercial property management firm or landlord.