Required Documents



To help with the submission and processing of your application, please ensure all required forms are attached with your submission and the below documents are completed/included with your package:

• DD1746 - Housing Application - please use our attached DD1746.  Sample of what information is required: **Please be sure to indicate only ONE housing area/waiting list you’d like to place your name on – not the floor plan type** -
Sample DD Form 1746, Click Here to view a sample of completed blocks required for applying.  This sample is to be used as a guide.  Please use a "clean" Housing Application by clicking the link above and do not type in the sample/highlighted form when submitting your application.

Sex Offender Policy Acknowledgement & Disclosure

Statement of Understanding for On-Base Housing

Pet Addendum - Complete this even if you don't have pets

Privacy Act Statement

• PCS Orders

• Basic Individual Record (BIR) – found in your MOL Account (USMC)

• All other Service Branches: 
         • Member Data Summary Page
         • Dependency paperwork in lieu of BIR 

If spouse will be submitting the application, the General or Special Power of Attorney written by the SJA aboard Camp Lejeune is required: 

General Power Of Attorney: GPOA for base housing; Notarization by Notary Public
Special Power Of Attorney: PPV SPOA Notary Public MARCH 2022 
                                                PPV SPOA Officer Notary MARCH 2022

  • The correct way to sign a document by Power of Attorney (POA):


    Mary Smith signing as POA for John Smith

  • The correct way to initial a document by Power of Attorney (POA):



    MS POA for JS 

Please send all application documentation in .pdf format attached to your e-mail.  If possible, scan all documents in to one .pdf file.  Send your application documents to our secure mailbox:

Note:  We do not accept applications in .jpg format, embedded in e-mails, via any links or DoD SAFE. The .jpg files do not open/print correctly for application purposes.  If you cannot submit your documentation in .pdf format, please fax your documents to 910-450-1630 or mail/hand-deliver them to Bldg. TT-43 Inchon Street, Tarawa Terrace, NC. 


If you have not received an email from us after three working days, please call (910) 450-1628, exts. #205 or #206.