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The following information provided is to assist you in scheduling and receiving services provided by the Camp Lejeune ID Card Center under normal circumstances IAW DoD and MCIEAST-MCB policies and regulations. Any exceptions to the norm shall be decided by the IDCC supervisor and/or the prospective Service Project Officers also IAW MCB and DoD regulations. Note: The IDCC will adhere to policies, procedures and the right to protect the force, employees and our customers during this time to prevent the possible transmission of COVID-19.




Effective June 1, 2023, the Camp Lejeune DEERS/ID Card Center will be open 7:30 to 10:45 a.m. and 12:05 to 3:30 p.m. Click here to schedule an appointment for service.

Walk-in services will be limited and priority will be give to patrons with appointments.

  • The ID Card Center is located at the Camp Lejeune Joint Reception Center in Building 59, located on Molly Pitcher Road. There is also a satellite office located at Stone Bay in Building RR-4 which is located on Rifle Range Road. Both locations are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Both locations will take their last customer at 3:15 p.m. Check out and Check in is conducted throughout the day.
  • MCIEAST-MCB Camp Lejeune has a dress code for entering any military establishment on base by order of the Commanding General. Please understand you can be refused services if you are not wearing appropriate military or civilian attire in accordance with the commanding general's order.  
  • The Hospital Proof of Birth Letter is NOT an acceptable document for enrolling a newborn at any ID Card Center in accordance with 32 CFR Part 161 Subpart D § 161.23 (b)(3) Child, unmarried, under the age of 21.
  • Newborns are not required to be present for enrollment.
  • All patrons are encouraged, but not required to wear a mask. Vaccinations are highly encouraged. If you feel sick, stay home as your health and our health is extremely important. We will take every pre-caution to protect ourselves and our patrons. You can be denied services if you or your family members do not comply by order of the MCIEAST-MCB Camp Lejeune Commanding General.
  • Due to limited working cubical spaces, parents with children (regardless of age) will have to remain in the lobby with the child/children if receiving services at the DEERS/ID Card Center. If the child is not receiving services at the IDCC, please make arrangements for your children to be cared for outside of the DEERS/ID Card Center. Sponsors are responsible for all actions of their family members. 
  • DD Form 1172-2 is not an acceptable form, if the document was completed on ID Office Online and the form is printed blank. Sponsors are highly encouraged to go to the nearest DEERS/ID Card Center and fill out DD Form 1172-2. The ID Card Center will scan the form into the DEERS Rapids system. Once in the system, the form can be verified. If you cannot fill out the DD Form 1172-2 at the ID Card Center, it is recommended the sponsor provides a Power of Attorney in order for their family member to received services at the ID Card Center without the sponsor being present.
  • Phone connectivity with a live person will be limited; please submit any questions through
  • As a reminder, DEERS/IDCC personnel do not handle questions with regards to TRICARE.
  • All CAC Pin Resets on MCB Camp Lejeune are conducted at JRRRC. CAC Pin Reset hours remain unchanged at this time.
  • The ID Card Center in Building 59 may be contacted by phone at 910-451-2727/4223, and the ID Card Center Satellite Office at Stone Bay may be contacted by phone at 910-440-2061.


IDCC Hours of Operation for Bldg. 59 are:

The IDCC will take the last customer at 3:15 p.m. and the front door will be locked at 3:30 p.m. pending any unusual circumstances and approval by a Supervisor/SSM. The IDCC supervisor has the ultimate decision to close without prior notice. Any unusual circumstances will be approval by a supervisor or SSM in the absence of a supervisor.

For more information concerning the Stone Bay IDCC, please call 910-440-0158/2061.


Walk-in service will be limited and appointments are highly encouraged.

  1. New Hires (must be already added by authoritative service feed).
  2. Expiring or expired CAC (must have two forms of other valid ID Unexpired with Photo e.g. Driver’s License and Social Security Card). Note: 
  3. Stopped working (must call ESD first bring ticket #).
  4. A New Enrollments make appointment. (If it is urgent because of certain circumstances the situation will require supervisor/SSM approval).
  5. Promotions/Frocking’s pre plan ahead make an appointment.
  6. Lost/Stolen must have statement signed by the command check website MCIEAST/MCB for lost/stolen letter (must have two forms of other valid ID Unexpired with Photo (e.g. Driver's License and Social Security Card).
  7. All expiring identification must be within 30 days of expiring. Be proactive and make an appointment if you know your identification card is expiring; however, ID cards will not be renewed if they are greater than 30 days from their expiration date. Exceptions will be made for deployments, but a deployment letter from your command must be provided to the IDCC.
  8. Add emails (must have print out of correct email)


SAAR and Digital Signatures

The Camp Lejeune DEERS/ID Card has no authority or responsibility in preparing a SAAR or obtaining digital signatures. This is an ISC/Organizational Network Administrator function. For further assistance beyond the Network Administrator call the Enterprise Help Desk 855-373-8762.


Security and Entry Access

IAW with C4I and HQMC Project Officers policy, we do not maintain door access issuance of any CAC or blank card. This information is completed by the Unit Security Manager, not the DEERS/ID Card Center. We do not provide door access or security access for any buildings and do not handle RFI issues.



  • ‚ÄčFace coverings are encouraged, but not required, as directed by CG, MCIEAST, at the Camp Lejeune and Stone Bay IDCC
  • We are still under COVID-19 restrictions IAW CDC guidelines and will enforce whatever is necessary to make the IDCC a safe place.
  • Please do not bring children with you unless they are receiving service.
  • The minimum age for children to receive an ID card is age 10.
  • If you are watching someone else's children, please do not bring them to the DEERS/ID Card Center.


Self-service logon

If the sponsor is not able to come in with a dependent to update an ID card, please utilize the DS Logon (The Department of Defense Self-Service Logon) or ID Card Office Online.  The following brochures are available to assist you in using it. With either of these services, you have the ability to complete the DD-Form 1172-2 and digitally sign it. This form is required each time a family member gets an ID card unless the spouse has a Power of Attorney.

Appointments can be made at:


Using State Driver's License as an identity document

When issuing DoD ID cards to customers, we are required to enter an expiration date for most identity documents in RAPIDS.

Active duty Service members and their eligible dependents may present a State driver's license with no expiration date. If the expiration date of a State driver's license is blank or displays ''military,'' the VO is required to enter the following as the expiration date of the driver's license:

  • The expiration date of the DoD ID card being issued, or
  • Up to three years from the current date (whichever is sooner).

DMDC will no longer allow DEERS/RAPIDS Sites to utilize an EXPIRED State Driver’s License as an identity document. The extension issued for an expired driver’s license is for driving privileges ONLY. It does not apply to identity documentation.

When using a state driver’s license as a form of acceptable identification, a PHOTO IS REQUIRED. If you have renewed your license and only have the paper copy without a photo, it can no longer be accepted unless you present your expired license at the same time.

REMEMBER, THE DEPENDENT ID CARD IS A PRIVILEGE CARD. At no time can a dependent receive an id card without proper identification or documentation.

To help us serve you better, please make sure you have everything you need prior to your visit.



Hours of Operation & Appointments

The ID Card Center is located at the Camp Lejeune Reception Center in Building 59 which is located on Molly Pitcher Rd, and there is a satellite office located at Stone Bay in Building RR-4 which is located on Rifle Range Rd. Both locations are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 10:45 a.m. and 12:05 to 3:30 p.m.

Phone connectivity with a live person will be limited; please submit any questions through

As a reminder, DEERS/IDCC does not handle questions with regard to TRICARE. All CAC Pin Resets on Camp Lejeune are conducted at JRRRC. CAC Pin Reset hours remain unchanged at this time.

The ID Card Center in Building 59 may be contacted by phone at (910) 451-2727/4223, and the ID Card Center Satellite Office at Stone Bay may be contacted by phone at (910) 440-2061.


Appointments are required. To make an appointment for the ID Card Center, please visit

In the event you should not be able to keep your appointment, please visit to cancel your appointment.

Note: The ID Card Center is CLOSED all weekends, Federal holidays, and occasional hours as deemed necessary by management. We reserve the right to refuse service if a situation is considered inappropriate. Should you encounter a problem, please ask to speak to a supervisor for clarification, knowledge or understanding.




Acceptable Proof of Identification Documents

In order to verify your eligibility for issuance of a Command Access Card (CAC) or another type of ID, you must present two (2) valid forms of identification.  The primary document must be a valid photo ID.  All of the documentation must be original or certified true copies.  Copies of original or certified true copies are not acceptable.

For a complete list of acceptable forms of identification, please click on the following link.

Click here to download a PDF file of the Valid Forms of Identification.

For an overview of all of the requirements for DEERS enrollment and IDC issuance, please refer to the following PDF.

Requirements for DEERS Enrollment and IDC Issuance

Assistance can also be obtained through your parent Civilian and/or Military Personnel offices or by calling (910) 451-2727.




Lost or Stolen Identification Card Replacement Process

If you have lost your identification card or it was stolen, you must complete the below form, file a report with the Provost Marshal's office in Building 819, and have both a Provost Marshal representative and someone from your chain of command sign the below form before you may have a new identification card issued to you.

Report of Lost or Stolen Identification Card Form




Interactive Customer Evaluation

If you are interested in submitting an Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) concerning your visit to the ID Card Center, click here.

Thank you for taking the time to rate us and provide us with your comments and suggestions.  Your feedback will help us maintain the quality of excellence you expect.

Please leave your name when submitting a dissatisfied comment so we can communicate professionally about your service.




Due to unplanned network outages and other unforeseen circumstances, we may be unable to provide services from time to time. If you have an urgent requirement, please call the ID Card Center before your scheduled appointment or before your arrival to verify that operations are normal. Thank you for your patience.