Joseph "Randy" Reichler Reception Center (JRRRC)

The Camp Lejeune Reception Center (CLRC) opened in April 2003 and was renamed the Joseph "Randy" Reichler Reception Center (JRRRC) in 2015 in honor of the late retired U.S. Navy Chief Hospital Corpsman and Retired Services Coordinator Joseph R. Reichler.

The JRRRC is housed in the main side area of MCB Camp Lejeune in a dual remodeled former H-Style Barracks (Buildings 59 and 60) and has served multiple purposes since the 1940’s. The JRRRC is a one-stop-shop, 50,000 square foot facility that serves active duty personnel, military and civilian retirees, reservists, military dependents, civilian employees (civil service/NAF) and civilian contractors.

The JRRRC hosts 14 tenant sections: (RPAC; Join, Separation and Orders), Identification Card Center (DEERS/RAPIDS), TRICARE Humana Military, Pin-CAC Reset Station, Prior Service Recruiters, Marine for Life, Retired Services, Marine Corps Community Services, Traffic Court, PMO-Vehicle Registration, Marine Corps Association and MCIEAST-MCB Security Office.



Checking In

The Joseph "Randy" Reichler Reception Center (JRRRC) is the main check-in facility for all active duty Marines and Sailors checking in to Camp Lejeune and its tenant commands.  The main entrance located in Building 59 on Molly Pitcher Road has a glass door and covered walkway. The Joins and Separations Sections are both located in Building 59 and 60 of the JRRRC.

Upon arrival (during working hours and after initial check-in and endorsement from your inbound command) you will be directed to Room 138 in Building 60 (JRRRC) to the RPAC Inbound Section for audit processing. A copy of your orders and a valid active duty ID card are required.

Service members:  After checking in at room 138, building 60, please visit the Family Housing Satellite Office in room 150, building 60 or TT43 Inchon Street, Tarawa Terrace for information regarding On/Off-Base Housing.

The hours of operation for the RPAC Inbound Section and JRRRC Receptionists are:

Monday - Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

On weekends, holidays, or after hours, the JRRRC Duty NCO Troop Handlers will be in room 212, building 59 second deck or room 211 during resting hours.

Resting hours are from 2200 – 0600.


JRRRC Troop Handlers: 910-451-2132
Duty phone: 910-554-9126



Reporting In

Entry-level Marines (i.e. Basic Training and follow-on MOS School) reporting to their inbound command should be in the Service "A" uniform. NCO’s, SNCO’s and Officers will report in the appropriate uniform of the day to their inbound command. Utility Uniform is acceptable when checking in at the JRRRC. Sailors reporting in for duty during working hours shall report in Dress Whites/Blues depending upon the season.

W9L Marines (those separating) will check-in initially (during normal working hours) with the JRRRC receptionist, then immediately following check-in with the Outbound Section in Building 60, Room 226. A copy of your orders and valid ID card are required to initiate complete separation processing. W9L Marines will be housed in the respective male and female squad bays through fruition of their separation process.

To reiterate: All service members must have their original orders, SRB/OQR, health and dental records and a valid active duty ID card.

Sailors reporting for duty with Marine Corps commands will also initially check-in at their respective inbound command, then follow-on with specific check-in sections at the Joseph "Randy" Reichler Reception Center (JRRRC), then the JRRRC (Bldg. 59), per direction from their respective inbound command. 



  • Director, JRRRC: 910-451-2712
  • JRRRC Receptionists: 910-451-8609/8628
  • Pin-CAC Reset Station: 910-451-6737
  • JRRRC Building Manager Supervisor: 910-451-9275
  • JRRRC Troop Handlers: 910-451-2123

For a full staff directory, please click here.

Building 59 Personnel and Offices:

  • Director, JRRRC
  • Building Manager Supervisor
  • ​Senior Supervisor ID Card Center
  • IDCC Supervisors
  • JRRRC Receptionist/Pin-CAC Reset Station
  • Two Classrooms (State of the Art)
  • Transient (Male/Female) Barracks (W9L Separating)
  • Prior Service Recruiter
  • RPAC - Inbound (2nd Stage)

Building 60 Personnel and Offices:

  • RPAC (Inbound Section/Unit Diary)
  • RPAC (Separations Branch) OIC/AOIC/SNCOIC
  • RPAC (Orders)
  • Retired Services Coordinator
  • Marine Corps Association
  • Marine for Life Representative
  • MCCS Representative
  • Traffic Court
  • MCIEAST-MCB Security Office
  • Family Housing Satellite Office
  • PMO-Vehicle Registration
  • TRICARE/HUMANA (No walk-in service, Join/Sep Briefs only - Informational Briefs (virtual and in-person).

For additional information on lodging, housing, schools, firearms registration and more, please refer to our Settling In reference documentation.