Conservation Law Enforcement


General Information

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune encompasses approximately 161,000 acres of federal land utilized for military training. While the land is not being utilized for training it is opened to Department of Defense personnel and their guests to hunt, fish, trap, and to harvest non-marketable firewood.

Marine Corps Base surrounds approximately 26,000 acres of fishable waterways, most of which is salt or brackish water. There are approximately 26 acres of freshwater ponds located aboard Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River which are managed by the Environmental Management Division and stocked with bass, bluegill, sunfish, and channel catfish.

The primary responsibility of the Conservation Law Enforcement Office is to provide wildlife enforcement of all applicable federal, state laws, and Base regulations pertaining to natural resources aboard the installation. Our goal is to maintain a safe environment for the harvesting of natural resources aboard Camp Lejeune and surrounding areas.

For more information on outdoor recreational activities on Camp Lejeune, visit

Environmental Standard Operating Procedures (ESOP) for Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping Aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station New River

Preserving Natural Resources

It is everyone's responsibility to ensure that Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune’s Natural Resources remain in good order for the next recreational user to enjoy.

Always pick-up litter and deposit it in an approved trash receptacle.





The wildlife that call MCB Camp Lejeune “home” are best left alone. Law, regulation, and policy require installation personnel to act as good stewards of wildlife. Please enjoy wildlife responsibly by following these guidelines:

  • Never feed wildlife –intentionally or unintentionally (secure trash appropriately).
  • Leave “baby” wildlife alone –many wild animals leave their offspring unattended on purpose.
  • It is unlawful in NC to feed, harass, or capture alligators.
  • Do not capture/remove birds and active nests (containing eggs and/or chicks).
  • If left alone, snakes pose no threat to humans. Given time and space, a snake will move out of the area on its own. Most bites occur during attempts to capture or kill the snake.

For more information or for assistance with a wildlife interaction, please contact the Land and Wildlife Resources Section at CLJN_LWRS@USMC.MIL or 910-451-5226

For wildlife issues in PPV housing that are in, on, or under the residence, please contact your housing management company maintenance staff. 




Hours of Operation / Contact Information

Conservation Law Enforcement Office (Building SAW-400, Old Sawmill Rd) Unless otherwise posted at the office or on the Lejeune RecAccess site, office hours are:
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 0900-1500

Check Station is accessible 24/7

Closed on Federal holidays.

Contact Information:

Game Warden Staff:

RecAccess Service or Permit Questions:

Wildlife Questions:

MCB Camp Lejeune CLEO: 910-451-5226

RecAccess Training Area access: 910-901-7200

MCAS New River Conservation Law Enforcement :

The Conservation Law Enforcement Office on MCAS New River is located in Bldg. AS-4311.

Officer Rogers: 910-376-2146