Installation Development Division

Installation Development Division is responsible for the planning, preparations and submission of all Military Construction and Minor Construction projects; develops project cost estimates and provide life cycle cost analysis in support construction programming; provides oversight and coordination for all other programs constructing, renovating, modifying or demolishing class II real property aboard Camp Lejeune; provides liaison with Headquarters, Marine Corps on all Shore Facility Planning and Programming issues; prepares Basic Facility Requirements and Facility Planning studies is support of organizations assigned to Camp Lejeune; coordinates with HQMC on the annual preparation of Camp Lejeune’s Facility Support Requirements; determines space requirements, utilization and makes space assignments for all MCB non-housing facilities; conducts space utilization studies in an effort to maximize facility usage; provides liaison between tenants and MCB for space requirements; maintains all class I and class II real property record data; maintains real property data contained within the Naval Facilities Assets Database; maintains data layers in the Base Geographic Information System that pertains to Facility Planning and Base Master Planning.


Core Competencies

Plan and program, via the MILCON and Minor Construction programs, new facilities and supporting infrastructure required to meet organizational mission of II MEF units, tenant commands, formal schools, and base departments that reside at MCB Camp Lejeune.  Liaison with HQMC,LFL and LFF to align construction programs with proposed construction program budgets. Success is measured by the construction of new facilities that fully meet end users mission requirements.

Develop Base Master Plan. Prepare facility planning documents that identify short range and long range Base development.  Identify facility/infrastructure deficiencies and indicate corrective planning actions. Success is measured by development of MILCON and Minor Construction programs that align with Base development goals and the priorities of  II MEF, tenant commands, formal schools, and base departments.

Identify basic facility requirements (BFRs). Develop BFRs based on customers mission, table of organization, table of equipment and training requirements. Assess  BFR data against existing real property inventory to derive at planning decisions; utilize existing facility inventory to meet BFR requirements, or program new construction to offset deficiency. Success is measured by accuracy of real property inventory data within iNFADS and achieving maximum utilization of existing real property assets.



1. MILCON Program Execution

            a. Post-award support FY09-10 MILCON projects. Includes staffing design reviews, project coordination, tracking project milestones, act as advocate between end user and ROICC during construction phase

            b. Pre-award support FY11-12 MILCON projects. Includes managing project designs or Design/Build Request For Proposals (RFPs), insuring early customer participation, coordinating design meetings, staffing project submittals, tracking project milestones and funding from other appropriations as required for items such as collateral equipment, tele/communication and intrusion detection systems.

            c. Cost certification/Pre-Design of HQMC identified FY13 MILCON projects. Includes reviewing customers basic facility requirements and verifying projects are adequately scoped supporting end users mission, identification of supporting infrastructure upgrades/modifications, insuring project documentation is consistent with NAVFAC planning and programming guidance.

2. MILCON Planning and Programming

            a. POM14 MILCON program development. Includes initial solicitation for candidate projects, convening of Base MILCON Review Board for establishing project priorities for recommendation to Base CO, developing MILCON project documentation for each project being submitted to HQMC for FY14 funding consideration, prepare FY14 MILCON brief  and present to HQMC MILCON Program Evaluation Group, initiate NEPA review, project site selection, insure customer involvement in process.

3. Real Property Inventory and Facility Utilization

            a. Ensure accuracy of real property inventory data that resides within the Internet Naval Facilities Assets Database  System (iNFADS).

            b. Track MILCON and FSRM project execution timelines and coordinate building occupancy moves and identify requirement for interim facilities and other support requirements.

            b. Capture and input capital improvements as construction projects are completed


Contact Information

(910) 451-9455
Deputy Director:

(910) 451-1833