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Water consumers aboard Marine Corps Installations East-Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune (MCIEAST-MCB CAMLEJ) who are serviced by the Holcomb Boulevard (HB) and Hadnot Point (HP) water distribution systems, which is generally most of the Base, will be able to access their annual 2014 Water Quality (Consumer Confidence) Reports electronically beginning July 1, 2015 at the following direct link URLs:  and

Both reports are essential since the Hadnot Point and Holcomb Boulevard water treatment plants supplied water interchangeably within their water distribution systems during part of the year, as noted in the reports.

Water consumers in the area of the Rifle Range water distribution system serviced by water purchased from ONWASA can access their annual 2014 Water Quality (Consumer Confidence) Reports electronically at the following direct link URL:

Water consumers aboard the Marine Corps Air Station New River (MCASNR) who are serviced by the MCASNR water treatment plant and distribution system can access their annual 2014 Water Quality (Consumer Confidence) Report at the following direct link URL:

These reports contain important data and facts about the source and quality of your drinking water, including details of any contaminants detected during the reporting year and significant health information.

If you prefer a paper hardcopy of the 2014 Water Quality Report and need it mailed, please call 910-451-5068.

Public Notice: Policy reminder regarding vehicle registration

Gate sentries are noting an increasing number of vehicles entering the base without DoD decals on their windshield. As a reminder and in accordance with USMC policy, Camp Lejeune requires all permanent personnel to register their vehicles within 30 days of purchase, permanent change of station (PCS), or permanent change of assignment (PCA), to include all branches of service and other DoD components stationed aboard the base. A vehicle decal is issued to all permanent personnel and their dependents as a sign of completing this registration requirement. A temporary pass is issued to all non-permanent personnel requiring access to the base after registering their vehicle, and it must be prominently displayed at all times. For more information on the vehicle registration requirements, please visit [Ref: Base Order 5560.2 and MARADMIN 325/11.]

Traffic Advisory: Holcomb Boulevard and Sneads Ferry Road intersection closure to take effect soon

In the coming weeks, construction of the overpass at the intersection of Holcomb Boulevard and Sneads Ferry Road will require the closure of the inbound left turn lane from Holcomb Boulevard onto Sneads Ferry Road. This turn lane will remain closed until construction of the overpass is completed.

Outbound traffic from Sneads Ferry Road will still be able to make a right turn onto Holcomb Boulevard toward the Main gate. For access to Sneads Ferry Road, inbound motorists on Holcomb Boulevard will be detoured to Birch Street and must drive to Louis Road.

As a reminder to all motorists, the new speed limit for Holcomb Boulevard in the vicinity of the Sneads Ferry Road intersection is 35 mph and is strictly enforced. Motorists are advised to plan their routes accordingly and should expect potential traffic delays, especially during peak travel times.

Public Notice: Social media and cyber security safety tips for personnel and families

Internet-based social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have created a revolution in social connectivity. However, they also have the ability to expose personal and private information, leaving users vulnerable to a number of potential threats including scams, identity theft, and social targeting from individuals or groups intending to do harm.

Protect you and your family - keep your personal information safe from those who could use it to target you for their own purposes. Review the FBI's Parent's Guide to Internet Safety and their Social Media Smart Cards for properly configuring your account privacy and security settings on some of the more popular social networking sites.

For additional online safety tips for your and your family, please visit the Department of Homeland Security's new internet safety portal at

Public Notice: Onslow County Farmers' Market open aboard base now through Sept. 29

The Onslow County Farmers' Market reopened aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Tuesday, April 14 in the Main Exchange parking lot.

The market will be open every Tuesday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. through September 29. While it is scheduled to start with 22 vendors, more will be added throughout the growing season.

Of special note, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) distribution vendors and farms will be participating in this season's market. CSAs offer patrons a subscription service to automatically receive a portion of the local harvest at regular intervals. Some CSAs even offer options to customize the selection of produce. On base CSA patrons will be required to pick up their box at the market on Tuesday. Home deliveries are not available on base.

The market is open to anyone who has credentialed access to the base, including sponsored guests.

For more information, please visit or

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