Motor Transport Division

The Motor Transport Division (MTD) develops and implements policies, provides oversight and guidance on operational and maintenance issues, and provides direction when needed to respective Fleet Managers within MCIEAST in support of Bases, Stations and Operating Forces within II Marine Expeditionary Force.

 Contact Information

 Motor Transport Main Line        (910) 451-5608


 Motor Transport Division
»      Forklift Class Schedule
»      Application for Government Vehicle Operator’s Permit (NAVMC 10964)
»      Physical Fitness Inquiry for Motor Vehicle Operators (OF 345)
»      DON Medical Examiners Certificate (OPNAV Form 8020-6)
»      MCIEAST-MCB CAMLEJO 11240.1 (SOP)
»      Executive Order 13834
»      Taking Care of Your Vehicle
»      GSA Vehicle Condition Inspection
»      HQMC Class Midsize Sedan Assignment Policy 30 Nov 10
»      NTV Accidents/Incidents
»      GSA NTV AIE Normal Wear and Tear
      Interactive Customer Evaluation