Photo Studio


MCB Camp Lejeune Photo Studio

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 7:30 to 11:00 a.m.

The MCB Camp Lejeune Photo Studio is closed on Thursdays.

MCAS New River Photo Studio

Thursday: 7:30 to 11:00 a.m. 

The MCAS New River studio is closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.


There is a photo studio located on MCB Camp Lejeune in Bldg. 54 on Lucy Brewer Ave. and on MCAS New River in Bldg. AS-425 on Campbell St. All personnel should walk in for service; we do not make appointments for individual photo studio services. For unit appointments (10 or more people), please email to schedule a group appointment.

The photo studio will provide command and official photos for all winners of command-sponsored meritorious promotion and NCO/MOQ boards, in accordance with MCO 3104.1B. However, Marines requesting command board, official or any other types of photos for inclusion in meritorious promotion and NCO/MOQ packages will not be supported. 


Command Board Photographs

Service members must be in full Service Alpha uniform. NO exceptions.

Official Military Personnel File Photographs

Required: Height/Weight Verification Form.

  • OMPF photos will be submitted to MMSB the day your photo is taken.
  • It is your individual responsibility to ensure the photo is posted to your OMPF.
  • If your photo has not been posted to your OMPF within 5 business days, contact MMRP-60 at 703-784-3986 to verify their receipt of your photograph. For additional guidance on OMPF photographs, please read MARADMIN 052/19.

No-Fee Passport Photographs

Web Orders or approved DD Form 1056 (obtainable from Passport Office) required.


  • No white or light-colored shirts
  • No visible skivvy shirt underneath

Physical prints of photos will be available for pickup the next business day. No appointment is required for photo pickup.

Naturalization Photographs

Iso-Prep Photographs

All customers must have all proper paperwork with them and be wearing their full uniform, in accordance with current policy. Dressing rooms are available at the photo studio.