Off Base Housing


Welcome to Camp Lejeune/MCASNR Off-Base Housing Referral.

The Military Housing Office (MHO) assists service members and their families in locating suitable
On-Base or Off-Base housing. 


List of Apartment Rentals provided by the Military Housing Office (average prices, fees, pets)

• Off Base Rental Listing

External Links (single-family homes, apartments)
Jacksonville Board of Realtors


• Required to apply in person at the MHO; Bldg. TT-43 Inchon Street, Tarawa Terrace.
• Have at least 14 months remaining on your End of Active Service (EAS) for a 12-month Lease.
• Have at least 11 months remaining on your EAS for a 9-month Lease.
• Have at least 8 months remaining on your EAS for a 6-month Lease.
• Copy of your current Leave & Earning Statement (LES).
• Copy of your Basic Individual Record (BIR).
• Copy of your Permanent Change of Station Orders (PCSO) or Page 3-USMC; Page 5-USN.
• Must be in receipt of Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH).
• Must have no more than five active allotments.

Any spouse applying with a Power of Attorney must provide official e-mail acknowledgement by the service member.  If the service member is in the local area, he/she is required to come in to the MHO to apply and process any required documentation for RPP.