Established in 1992, the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Comprehensive Environmental Training and Education Program (CETEP) integrates the requirements of Marine Corps Order (MCO) 5090.2 Environmental Compliance and Protection Manual and DOD Instruction 4715.10, Environmental Education, Training, and Career Development. The goal of CETEP is to ensure that appropriate environmental instruction and information are provided to all levels of the Marine Corps in the most effective and efficient manner to achieve full compliance with all environmental training requirements.

It is the goal of this CETEP plan to accommodate and support the mission of the Base and its components by identifying, monitoring, and tracking environmental training needs in order to ensure that environmentally compliant operations can take place and that human health, and the environment are protected to the maximum possible extent.

See CETEP Schedule Calendar Year 2024 for course dates and locations.  Primary location is BLDG 1046 Simulator Center classroom 170A but may change due to scheduling.
Introduction to Environmental Compliance Course (EM101) (3 Days)

The purpose of EM101 is to develop an understanding of the pertinent environmental issues at the Installation as well as present specific guidance and policies for the management and disposal of hazardous materials and waste.  Certificates are disseminated to personnel upon successful completion of a written examination.

Required course for ECOs/AECOs, ECCs/AECOs, HW/HMSM, HM/HWH.  To be completed within 90 days of appointment.

Course Prerequisites:  HQMCECC001 USMC- HQ/MCICOM Environmental Compliance Coordinator (ECC Training) and appointment letter.

*This course is a requirement for Marines seeking Additional MOS 8056.

Hazardous Material Transportation Class for Fuel Drivers (EM103)

Required for United States Marine Corps motor vehicle drivers in need of an endorsement on their military driver’s license to transport fuel per applicable Marine Corps and Base directives.

Course Prerequisites: MCIEHMT01A USMC-Hazardous Material Transportation for Drivers and HQMCFHST01 USMC HQ/MCICOM-Fuel Handling, Storage & Transportation.

Environmental Compliance Coordinator and Environmental Compliance Officer Seminar (EM104)

This class provides ECCs and ECOs with the tools to effectively manage unit level multimedia environmental programs as required by MCO P5090.2 volume 5.

Air Quality (AQ) Training (EM106)

Biennial training required for all ECCs, ECOs, and Air Emission Source Operators are required to complete this training per Base Order 5090.6B. Air Quality (AQ) Training (EM106).  EM106 provides pertinent information to both Military and civilian personnel on the requirements of the Clean Air Act and other AQ regulations, Camp Lejeune’s Clean Air Act permit, and an overview of AQ standard operating procedures as well as instruction on the monitoring and record keeping requirements associated with regulated air emission sources.       

Medical Waste Training (EM109) 

EM109 is designed to provide a basic understanding of Medical Waste management requirements including the Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune’s Medical Waste Standard Operating Procedures.  The target audience for this class is MWSMs, as well as BAS/RAS personnel.  Certificates are presented to personnel upon successful completion of the training.

Note: Personnel must complete all prerequisites prior to enrollment.  Personnel will be required to provide copies of their CBT course completion certificates and a copy of their appointment letter if applicable.  All online course prerequisites are available on MARINENET.