In the U.S. Department of Defense's Munitions Response Program, military installations are encouraged to ask stakeholders for their input in developing relative priorities for investigating munitions sites. Stakeholders include federal agencies, state and local regulatory agencies, tribal governments, landowners directly affected by a site, and interested community members who live or work near the site.

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune is committed to informing and involving community members. When the public is actively involved, the investigation/cleanup process is better understood and better cleanup decisions are made.

To keep the public informed and listen to input about the Off-Base SDZs investigation, the Base held a public meeting in 2010 at the Hammocks Beach State Park visitor center. The Base also has mailed several fact sheets about the progress of the investigation to nearby residents.

Restoration Advisory Board

You can learn more about Camp Lejeune's environmental cleanup and munitions response programs by attending meetings of the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB). The best way to get involved in the process is to become an RAB member.

The RAB is made up of community members, along with representatives of federal and state regulatory agencies, Camp Lejeune, and the Navy. The RAB acts as a focal point for exchanging information between the Base and the local community about environmental restoration and munitions response activities.

The RAB meets quarterly at the Coastal Community College, Jacksonville, NC. The date, time, and place of RAB meetings are advertised in the Jacksonville Daily News and the Globe newspapers. The public is always welcome to attend RAB meetings and membership is encouraged.

Click here for additional information on the Camp Lejeune Restoration Advisory Board.


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