Hazardous Waste / Material Management


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Hazardous Material Consolidation Site (S-962)
Household Hazardous Material & Waste
Field Generated Hazardous Material/Waste
Hazardous Material Spill Response and Notification
Unit Level Spill Report  
  Hazardous Material Reissue Facility (Bldg 977 Michael Rd)

Open Monday thru Friday 0730 – 1500

POC 910-451-1482/3496

Installation-Wide Consolidated Authorized Usage List (AUL)
Pollution Abatement Section (977)

Authorized Use List (AUL)

AUL Build/Modification Form


Parts Washers Contact:

MCIEAST Contracting Office
1116 BIRCH ST/Building 1116
(910) 451-4066

For questions regarding MCB Camp Lejeune Hazardous Waste/Material Management call 910-451-1482.