In 2014, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune is preparing an Engineering Evaluation/Cost Assessment to evaluate the effectiveness and cost of options for future actions to protect public safety and the environment within the former Off-Base SDZs. The Base will solicit public comments before a decision is made.

One recommendation, based on the findings of the Expanded Site Inspection, is to reduce the Munitions Response Area from approximately 1,600 acres to a single Munitions Response Site of approximately 176 acres, in the southwestern portion of the investigation area. This is the only area where munitions were found.

Warning signs will be posted to inform boaters of the possible risk in the area of concern for munitions identified by the investigation, shown as a dashed orange line on the figures below.

This area might be incorporated into the Brown’s Island Policy. The existing Brown's Island restricted area is outlined in red on the figure below. The Brown’s Island Policy is available here.