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Environmental Management Division

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

" protect current and future training capabilities by respecting and maintaining the natural environment..."

Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan
 Executive Summary FinalExecutiveSummary.pdf
 Commander Approval Approval.pdf
 Cover Page CoverPage.pdf
1.Introduction Chapter1Final.pdf
1.2Integrated Natural Resources Management Plans1.2 
1.3Camp Lejeune Military Mission and Operations 1-7 
1.4Natural Resource Management on MCB Camp Lejeune1-13 
2.Description of Camp Lejeune Chapter2Final.pdf
2.2Physical Setting2-2 
2.3Socio-Economic Setting2-5 
2.4History and Land Use2-7 
2.5Conservation Significance of the Area 2-10 
3.Military Drivers and Their Relationship to Objectives and Course of Action and Monitoring Chapter3Final.pdf
3.1Military Drivers 3-1 
3.2Relationship of Drivers to Objectives and the Courses of Actions and Monitoring3-4 
3.3Funding the Course of Actions and Monitoring3-5 
3.4Role of Monitoring3-7 
4.Threatened and Endangered Species Management Chapter4Final.pdf
4.1Threatened and Endangered Species Management 4-1 
4.2Critical Habitat 4-3 
4.3Threatened and Endangered Species Management4-4 
5.Species at Risk and Natural Communities Chapter5Final.pdf
5.1Species at Risk5-1 
5.2Natural Communities and Biological Diversity5-4 
6.Migratory Birds Chapter6Final.pdf
6.2Population Monitoring 6-2 
7.Forest Management Chapter7Final.pdf
7.1Introduction 7-1 
7.2Restoration of Longleaf Pine and Timber Stand Improvement7-5 
7.3Site Preparation7-7 
8.Forest Protection Chapter8Final.pdf
8.1Fuels Management 8-1 
8.2Wildlife Suppression 8-5 
8.3Forest Pest Management 8-6 
9.Wetlands Conservation Chapter9Final.pdf
9.1Wetlands Protection9-1 
9.2Wetland Surveys9-2 
9.3Greater Sandy Run Wetland Mitigation Bank9-2 
10.Soil Conservation-Land Management Chapter10Final.pdf
10.1Introduction 10-1 
10.2Onslow Beach 10-1 
11.Wildlife and Fisheries Management Chapter11Final.pdf
11.1Introduction 11-1 
11.2Wildlife Management11-1 
11.3Sport Fisheries Management11-7 
11.4Non-game Wildlife Management11-9 
11.5Wildlife Damage Management11-10 
11.6Exotic Invasive Species Control11-11 
12.Public Access, Outdoor Recreation and Enforcement  
12.1Public Access12-1 
12.2Natural Resource-Based Outdoor Recreation12-1 
12.3Conservation Law Enforcement12-4 
13.Regional Conservation Chapter13Final.pdf
13.1Regional Conservation13-1 
14.Conservation Outreach-Education Chapter14Final.pdf
14.1Conservation Outreach-Education 14-1 
15.Summary Chapter15Final.pdf
15.1INRMP Purpose15-1 
15.2INRMP Provides Adequate Management of Species15-2 
15.3INRMP Provides a Benefit to Known Species15-3 
15.4Compliance with Other Environmental Requirements 15-3 
15.5Environmental Benefits15-4 
15.6Conclusion 15-5 
 Appendix A. Agency and Public Comments AppendixAFinal.pdf
 Appendix B. Environmental Assessment AppendixBFinal.pdf
 Appendix C. Course of Action and Monitoring Table AppendixCFinal.pdf
 Appendix D. INRMP Benefits to Federally Listed Species and Species at Risk aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune AppendixDFinal.pdf
 Appendix E. Ranges and Training Areas of MCB Camp Lejeune AppendixEFinal.pdf
 Appendix F. Ecological Classification System AppendixFFinal.pdf
 Appendix G. Impacts of Military Training Activities on Red-cockaded Woodpeckers AppendixGFinal.pdf
 Appendix H. 2006 Camp Lejeune RCW Recovery Plan AppendixHFinal.pdf
 Appendix I. Camp Lejeune Silvicultural System AppendixIFinal.pdf
 Appendix J. Sea Turtle Monitoring Protocols AppendixJFinal.pdf
 Appendix K. Monitoring Protocols for Rough-leaved Loosestrife AppendixKFinal.pdf
 Appendix L. Management guidance document for Coastal Goldenrod AppendixLFinal.pdf
 Appendix M. High Priority Natural Community Types on Camp Lejeune AppendixMFinal.pdf
 Appendix N. Migratory Birds AppendixNFinal.pdf
 Appendix O. Prescribed Burning Prioritization Model AppendixOFinal.pdf
 Appendix P. Cooperative Agreement for Conservation of Fish and Wildlife Resources AppendixPFinal.pdf
 Appendix Q. North Carolina Onslow Bight Conservation Forum AppendixQFinal.pdf
 Appendix R. Funding Classes Actions and Monitoring AppendixRFinal.pdf
 Appendix S. INRMP Biological Assessment AppendixSFinal.pdf
 Appendix T. United States Fish & Wildlife Service Biological Opinion AppendixTFinal.pdf
 Appendix U. Annual Reports EOYReport.pdf