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"...to protect current and future training capabilities by respecting and maintaining the natural environment..."

Range Environmental Vulnerability Assessment

The Range Environmental Vulnerability Assessment (REVA) program is a Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC) initiative which provides a baseline assessment of operational ranges on Marine Corps Installations.

The REVA program is a non-regulatory, proactive, and comprehensive approach for environmental sustainability of Marine Corps operational ranges.  It meets the requirements established by the Department of Defense (DoD) Instruction 4715.14 entitled Operational Range Assessments.  This DoD Instruction establishes and implements procedures that military services use to conduct assessments of all operational ranges within the United States.  The purposes of the assessments are to better understand the potential long-term impacts of the use of Marine Corps training lands and to help ensure that these resources are available to future generations of Marines.

The Final REVA Report (August 2009), Final REVA Five-Year Review Report (September 2012), and associated Fact Sheets for Marine Corps Installations East-Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune are available for public review by clicking the following links.

Final REVA Report for MCB Camp Lejeune [September 2012]

Final REVA Report for MCB Camp Lejeune [August 2009]

REVA Overview Fact Sheet

REVA Modeling Fact Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on REVA

Please direct any questions or inquiries regarding the REVA program to the Public Affairs Office for Marine Corps Installations East-Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.  You may submit your inquiries via phone or e-mail to the following Public Affairs Officer.


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