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Passing on the history of women in the Corps December 28, 2009 — Many claim that Lucy Brewer was the first female to join the Corps disguised as a man. Whether she was a real person or not is debatable but what she represents, is not. Throughout history women have served and supported in the military in whatever way possible.Women officially got an opportunity to serve in the Marines in 1918 when Opha Mae MORE
Marine Corps' what not to wear December 22, 2009 — When people see a Marine Corps recruiting poster, they see two different types of images, the warfighter or a Marine looking sharp and clean cut in his dress blues. This professional standard and image of Marines are held high in the beloved Corps, while in and out of uniform. “It isn’t documented anywhere that we have to have a Marine Corps,” said MORE
Christmas Spirit Foundation, FedEx bring Christmas to Lejeune December 22, 2009 — The waves crashed along the shore and although the sun shined bright above the sky, the wind blew with a harsh bite. But this bitterly cold weather didn’t freeze the holiday spirit as Marines and employees with Marine Corps Community Services loaded Christmas trees onto every vehicle as it pulled ahead of the never-ending line of cars, trucks and MORE
The military's real NCIS December 22, 2009 — They are the military’s real version of naval criminal investigative services, similar to the CBS Television Network’s show NCIS. They are unsung heroes whose critical jobs often go unrecognized, while many people are simply unaware of what these special agents do.Naval Criminal Investigative Services is a worldwide organization responsible for MORE
Playgrounds built for children with all abilities in mind December 22, 2009 — Oh, to be a child again; living each moment not having to worry about anything while getting to run around freely and play all day. Unfortunately not all children are able to enjoy that freedom they are entitled to. Now all children aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, regardless of disabilities and handicaps, can have some playtime they more MORE
Operation Homefront: here for you December 22, 2009 — Your spouse is deployed and you are left behind to pay the bills, take care of your two children as well as your home. As if the challenges of now being the “single parent” with your spouse thousands of miles away isn’t enough, your washing machine is broken, your third child is due any day now and you are in dire need of some help.Fortunately MORE
CLR-27 MPs train, build camaraderie December 16, 2009 — Every Marine no matter the age or rank, has something they can pass on to their brothers-in-arms. Marines with second platoon, Military Police Company, Combat Logistics Regiment 27, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, participated in a three-day event in which they refamiliarized themselves with crew-served weapons, convoy tactics and got a chance to share MORE
Taking CAP out of handicapped December 8, 2009 — If a 7-year-old girl was asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she will probably say a princess. It’s what a lot of girls dream about as young children; to be a beautiful, helpless princess that needs a strong, handsome prince to come save her. Those little girls grow up, and as adults, most don’t want to be seen as helpless and needing a MORE
Shoplifting Marines pay high price December 2, 2009 — Most people are looking for ways to save money especially during the holiday season. Marines are no different; that is why many ask for military discounts, go to sales or make payments on high-priced items, unfortunately some Marines are turning to another option: not paying at all.Camp Lejeune’s Marine Corps Community Services has reported a huge MORE
End of year, not end of projects November 24, 2009 — As the year draws to an end, Camp Lejeune forges ahead toward becoming a more energy efficient installation while continuously promoting energy security and conservation. “For (Fiscal Year) 2009, we spent over $37 million to heat, cool and light the entire base,” said Navy Lt. Nate Overtree, assistant public works officer with Energy Programs MORE

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