Explosives Safety Office


Explosives Safety Office

Camp Lejeune, N.C.
Mission Statement
The MCIEAST-Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Explosive Safety Office develops, implements and executes a comprehensive Explosives Safety Program that promotes compliance with DoD, USN, and USMC explosives safety regulations to enhance force preservation.  Provides education, technical assistance, policy guidance and understanding of the hazards associated with the handling, issue, receipt, storage and transportation of ammunition and explosives.  Manages Class V(W) ammunition and explosives allowances for subordinate local and regional units.
Ammunition and Explosive Safety

Contact Information

The Explosive Safety Office is located on the Second Deck of Building 914 at the corner of Louis Rd. and Sneads Ferry Rd. You may contact our office and key personnel via e-mail (by clicking on the appropriate link below) or by calling any of the following numbers.

Office Organizational Mailbox -

Concerns that need to be addressed by the Explosive Safety Office - ammosafety@mcw.usmc.mil

Mr. Ralph P. Harris 

Explosives Safety Program Manager 

(910) 451-6280    


CWO3 David S. Jensen 

Explosives Safety Officer 

(910) 451-6281   


MSgt Tracy S. Roesler 

Explosives Safety SNCOIC        

(910) 451-6279   


SSgt Sophia Mizrahi 

MCIEast Ammo Chief                         

(910) 451-6278   


Cpl Bradley C. Morrison

MCB Ammo Chief                         

(910) 451-3310