Weapons Training Battalion


Weapons Training Battalion

MCIEAST-MCB Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune, N.C.
Range Company
Range Company takes pride in our responsibilities to provide proper instruction and the necessary training environment to conduct safe live firing operations aboard Stone Bay.

Our primary mission is to provide essential personnel and a known distance range to facilitate annual marksmanship training requirements. It is also our mission to ensure that every Marine we train receives quality training and we’re able to instill the proper fundamentals, and we make it our goal to potentially increase the survivability rate of each Marine that may go into harms way. An example of this is with two hours of classroom instruction pertaining to ballistics, moving target engagement, multiple target engagement and combat mindset. We incorporate these classes through two days of live fire exercises enhancing the Marines proficiency in combat marksmanship skills.

Range Company will continue to work hard and provide a better trained Marine Marksmanship Program.


 Company Office
   Office  Fax
 CO  910 440 2712  910 440 2638
 1SGT  910 440 2637  
 Alpha Range
 RSO/Line  910 440 2947  
 Bravo Range
 RSO/Line  910 440 2943  
 Charlie Range
 RSO/Line  910 440 2942