Family Housing Division


Family Housing Division

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune, N.C.
Wait Times

2016 Waiting List Estimates Per Pay Grade and Bedrooms (updated 14 April 2016)


2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom 4 Bedroom
E1-E5 0-1 month 0-1 month 0-1 month
E6-E9 N/A 0-1 month 2-4 months
O1-O3/W1-W3 N/A 0-1 month 6-8 months
O4-O5/W4-W5 N/A 0-1 month 4-6 months
O6 & Above N/A 0-1 month 6-8 months


E1-E5  0-1 month for four-bedroom home.

E6-E9  1-3 months for select areas. Call the SNCO Counselor for more details.

O1-O3/W1-W3 6-8 months for Paradise Point four-bedroom home;

                          4-6 months for MCASNR four-bedroom two-story home.

04-05/W4-W5  0-1 month for Paradise Point single-story Capehart ranch-style three-bedroom home.

                         4-6 months for Paradise Point four-bedroom home.

The projections listed above are subject to change depending on the neighborhood chosen.  Contact MHO Counselor designated for your rank or specific neighborhood for up-to-date information on waiting times.

A door-to-door move may be possible.  Contact the MHO at (910) 450-1627 X #210 for details.

Atlantic Marine Corps Communities (AMCC) has availability at McCutcheon Manor (MCASNR) for immediate occupancy for the following:  Active Duty (ACDU) Bachelors, Reservists, DoD Employees and Military Retirees.  These categories, known as WATERFALL, can live on Base in designated areas.

For more information, please call (910) 450-1627. X #210. #208