Distribution Management Office


Distribution Management Office

MCIEAST-MCB Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune, N.C.
Port Calls
How do I arrange my travel to an overseas duty station?

• Visit your administrative office for instructions on how to initiate a port call request.

• Try to have your portcall done 90 days prior to your departure.

Sample Port Call Request

From: Commanding Officer
To: Distribution Management Office, Camp Lejeune, NC

1. In accordance with MCO 4650.30K, overseas transportation arrangements are requested for:

  Item    Example 
1.  Full Name (Last,First,Middle)    Smith, Joe, J. 
2.  Rank/SSN/MOS/DOB    Sgt 1234/9999/01011900 
3.  Seats    2
4.  Priority    1
5.  Type TVL    EA 
6.  Auth for Movement    WebO 2 Dec 08 
7.  Availability Date    3 Feb 09 
8.  Mandatory Departure Date    13 Feb 09 
9.  Availability Point    OAJ 
10.  Overseas Destination/MCC    Okinawa, JA 1C2
11.  Unit Attached To    2d Tank BN
12.  Anticipated Detachment Date    5 Feb 09 
13.  Leave Address    123 Smith Rd. Jacksonville, NC 28542 
14.  Leave Phone Number   910-555-1234 
15.  Did SNM Request GTR? (Y/N)    Yes 
16.  Work Phone Number    451-0000 
17.  Dependents Travel (Name/Relationship/Birthdate/SSN)    Smith,Joan Wife 19660815 123456789 
18. Number of Pets *Max 2 pets per family   1 Dog
  Weight of Pet and Cage Combined     95lbs
19.  Remarks:
*SNM requests flight on 3 February 2009 from DFW
*SNM is storing a POV in Dallas, TX.
*NOK: Betty Smith, (M), telephone: (910) 555-4321
*Signature: IPAC REP Date: 15 Dec 2008
*Print Name: IPAC REP Phone: 450-9540

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