Distribution Management Office


Distribution Management Office

MCIEAST-MCB Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune, N.C.
Freight Operations
Freight Operations Section


Freight Shipment Control provides Freight Distribution Management functions necessary to support II Marine Expeditionary Force (IIMEF) and their supporting units. This entails the receipt and shipment of all cargo through Defense Transportation System (DTS)/ Small Package Carrier, as well as the receipt and shipment of all containerized cargo through Consolidated Control Points.


The goals are to provide responsive service and support to Marine Unit's and their supporting activities, on and deployed from, MCB Camp Lejeune.

We strive to reduce shipment processing time for all the steps in our operations regarding Overage, Shortage and Damaged (OS&D) and misconsigned shipments.

Freight Operations' accomplishment of these goals will be made through education of it's customers and personnel, coordination with the customer, the Defense Logistics Agency and other installations' shipping and trans-shipping activities.

Freight Shipping, AA&E and TDR's - Bldg. 1011

Freight Receiving and Distribution / MDC - Bldg. 1118

Lot 201/140 - Heavy lift, base scales and rail operations

MCAS Shipping Office Annex - Bldg. AS-4307


This section is responsible for the proper documentation of transportation expenditures, tracing and OS&D reports on outbound shipments.

Outbound transportation documentation responsibilities include the preparation of Military Shipping labels (DD Form 1387), Signature And Tally Record (DD Form 1907), Commercial Bill Of Lading, Government Bills Of Lading (Standard Form 1103) and Transportation Control and Movement Documents (TCMD); DD Form 1384 in compliance with Military Standard Transportation and Movement Procedures (MILSTAMP) and Defense Transportation Regulation (DTR) 4500.9R, for all outbound freight shipped from Camp Lejeune.

Accurately prepares and maintains the required transportation documents for outbound materials when processed ready for shipment via air, and or surface modes of transportation. Determines the mode of transportation required for each shipment and ensures compliance with proper packing, packaging and preservation specification requirements, prices and records applicable transportation costs in accordance with the appropriate transportation priority.

The warehouse section is responsible for the initial receipt of cargo from Preservation Packing and Packaging (PP&P), 2nd Supply Battalion, 2nd MLG. The section ensures that the initial documentation (DD Form 1348-1 or DD Form 1149) corresponds with the stenciling on the cargo. If the cargo requires special handling or hazardous classification, it must also be accompanied by a Shipper’s Declaration to be completed by PP&P or a qualified hazardous certified person. If the cargo is hazardous, the section ensures that the information on the key block is verified and correct. If discrepancies are noted with the shipper's declaration, the cargo is rejected until the corrections are made. All freight must go through PP&P for packaging and hazardous materials certification.


SHIPMENTS BEING SENT FEDEX CANNOT EXCEED 150 LBS. IF NEED BE, THE DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT WILL MAKE DETERMINATION TO SHIP OVER 150 LBS. To SHIPMENTS BEING SENT as a small package CANNOT EXCEED 150 LBS. Shipments OVER 150 LBS will be processed as LTL shipments unless justification for expedited services is received.

Anyone shipping an item need to have a letter on file stating they are authorized to ship for their unit.

DMO Heavy Lift Section

Lot 201 is located between Holcomb Blvd. and Piney Green Road near the base landfill. It can be accessed from either of the two roads. Normal hours of operation are 0730 to 1200, and 1230 to 1530. Lot 201 is also the location for the base scale.

Lot 201 is responsible for:


·         Loading and unloading of rolling stock, containers, and other outsized or over dimensional cargo.

·         Blocking and bracing of explosives.

·         Inspect shipments for blocking and bracing, and sealing of containers prior to shipment.

·         Load planning of full truck/rail car loads.

·         Rail head operation including over site of loading  / unloading.

·         Heavy lift capability up to 50 tons is available on site by either container handler, or mobile crane. Forklifts from 4000 pound capacity, to 34,000 pounds capacity.

·         Provide mobile loading ramps for use at the rail head as needed. Portable truck loading ramps are also available.

·         Staging of unit moves for outbound shipment, WIR shipments, and routine freight ops.

Receiving and Distribution Section

Receive all incoming freight and distribute to ultimate consignee. Inspect for loss or damage and process claims.


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