Distribution Management Office


Distribution Management Office

MCIEAST-MCB Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune, N.C.
Commercial Charter Bus Transportation
Charter Bus (Commercial) on Group Orders:

For all group charter bus requests, please contact II MEF MMCC at (910) 451-9205.

The charter bus request can be found on IIMEF MMCC’s web site.

In the top right of the web page under Transportation, click on Submit Comm Bus Request. This will open a preformatted e-mail to IIMEF_MMCC which includes all the required information for Group Charter Bus requests.

Any changes or cancellations to a submitted request must be processed through IIMEF MMCC.

Note: DMO Passenger Branch will accept all Group Charter Bus requests, changes, and cancellations through IIMEF MMCC.

Point of contact during normal business hours (0730-1600 M-F), DMO Passenger Branch, Bldg 233, (910) 451-2692.

Passenger Branch recall Duty Cellular phone (910) 376-1297, should be contacted during non-business hours.

Commercial Scheduled Bus Transportation:

Scheduled Bus (Commercial) on Individual Orders or out of pocket.

Scheduled bus movement requirements:

If bus transportation is authorized and required on scheduled bus, the traveler must take a copy of their orders and or NAVMC 11060 to Bldg 233 (DMO Passenger Branch) during normal working hours (0730-1600 M-F).

If your orders are not correct, you will need to contact your administrative unit for a modification.

Additional guidance can be obtained from the Passenger Branch recall Duty Cellular phone (910) 376-1297.

Point of Contact during normal business hours, DMO Passenger Branch, Bldg 233, (910) 451-2692.
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