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Family Housing Division

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune, N.C.
Floor Plans and Photos

Please enter HOUSING AREA NAME (listed in red below), not the floor plan name, in Block 20 of the Application for Assignment to Housing (DD Form 1746).

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E1 - E5                                                 FLOOR PLANS

Tarawa Terrace                                   Timmerman, Adriance
Midway Park                                        Bauer, Mayfield

Berkeley Manor                                    Kearby, Maxwell

MCAS, New River                                McGinnis


E6 - E9                                                 FLOOR PLANS

Berkeley Manor                                    Kearby, Maxwell

Watkins Grove                                     Barnett, Basilone

Knox Landing                                       Garcia, Keith

MCAS, New River                                McGinnis


WO1 - WO3, O1 - O3                           FLOOR PLANS

Paradise Point Capehart                      Dewey, Epperson

Paradise Point Two-Story                    Phillips (O3 only)

Paradise Point Cape Cod                    Tomlin (Two-Story)

Paradise Point Cottage                        Cottage            

MCAS, New River                                Anderson, Kellogg


WO4 - WO5, O4 - O6                           FLOOR PLANS

Paradise Point Capehart                      Dewey, Epperson

MCAS, New River                                Kelly, Singleton

Paradise Point Two-Story                    Watson


View the Floor plan Gallery


E1 - E5                                                 FLOOR PLANS

Heroes Manor                                      Beaufort, Camden, Carteret, Hyde, Onslow, Pender