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Family Housing Division


Family Housing Division

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune, N.C.
Contact Us

Office Locations: 

Tarawa Terrace:  Mainside: 
Building TT43, Inchon Street        Building 60  CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
  (Camp Lejeune Reception Center)
  Molly Pitcher Rd.

Phone Directory:

TOLL FREE: 1-866-360-3775 

General Inquiries (910) 449-9615
Administrative Support (910) 451-1016
Administrative Support  (910) 451-4746
Off-Base Housing Referral (910) 451-0982
PPV Pay-Related Issues (910) 450-7217              


All inquiries regarding waiting lists should be directed to (910) 449-9615, until further notice

Senior Grade Officers (O6 & above) (910) 451-5812 
Field Grade Officers (O4-O5, CWO4-CWO5) (910) 449-9614
Company Grade Officers (O1-O3, W01-CWO3) (910) 451-7033
Staff Non-Commissioned Officers (E6-E9) (910) 451-6861 
(BM, KC, KL, MCASNR, WC, WV 3/4-Bedroom)   
Enlisted (E1-E5)   
(MP 2-Bedroom)  (910) 451-7162 
(TT 2-Bedroom)   
Enlisted (E1-E5) (910) 451-6917
(MP 3-Bedroom)   
(TT 3-Bedroom)  
(WV 3-Bedroom)   
Enlisted (E1-E5)
(MP 4-Bedroom) (910) 451-6863
(TT 4-Bedroom)   
(WV 4-Bedroom)   
Enlisted (E1-E5) (910) 451-7163 
(HM 3/4-Bedroom)


BM = Berkeley Manor
HM = Heroes Manor
KC = Knox Cove
KL = Knox Landing
MCASNR = MCAS, New River
TT = Tarawa Terrace
WC = Watkins Cove
WV = Watkins Village


E-mail:  For those who wish to correspond via e-mail, please utilize the following address: lejeunefamilyhousing@usmc.mil