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MCIEAST-MCB Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune, N.C.
TAD Travel
Travel reservations can be made by calling the Carlson/Wagon Sato Travel Office (910) 450-9521 and then making liaison with the Passenger Service Personnel for ticketing arrangements.

DTS (Defense Travel System) order reviewing

Utilizing the DTS module, all TAD (temporary additional duty) orders are received from the various Units electronically. DMO constantly reviews and returns DTS reservation from CTO every minute of the day.

Upon receipt of orders, audit is performed of data submitted, insuring orders are prepared correctly. This includes correct line of accounting, departure cities, and destinations visiting if authorized on DTS orders, SDN (standard document number), destination, departure point, and carrier selection. Units started reservations in DTS system route it thru CTO for verification of government authorized carrier, and GSA city pairs then DMO reviewed and send it thru DTS system reviewed or returned for correction into DTS, verification of airfares and carrier selection is mandatory and final review is AO to approved DTS orders so CTO can forward copy of reservation for DMO to printed out approved orders for ticketing.

Upon receipt of TAD/TDY orders, either fax (910) 451-2510 a copy of Sabre orders form #1610 if not using DTS orders can be fax or bring your order to the nearest Passenger Branch Office. The phone numbers listed under PCS travel apply.


Descendent Affairs submitted request for travel arrangements for human remains and escorts,

POC: (910) 450-3433.

DMO POC: (910) 451-5311 or (910) 451-2255

CTO POC: (910) 450-9521
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