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Service members go the extra mile with extra languages February 10, 2010 — One of the biggest obstacles during a military occupation in a foreign country is compensating for the language barrier between service members and local nationals. Occasionally a member of the foreign populace may be on hand for translations, yet most of the time one is not available. In that case the translator may possibly be the Marine carrying MORE
100209-M-MCBL-BANDEVENT February 9, 2010 — To be first, one sometimes has to sacrifice in order to set the example for all to follow. It isn’t by any means easy. After kicking down the door of adversity, he would have to survive all the attacks of hate and hardship. This was the case for retired 1st Lt. Tony Mosely and retired Gunnery Sgt. James Richardson, the first African American band MORE
Cpls. get down and dirty with the stamina course February 9, 2010 — “Being an (noncommissioned officer) means supervising those troops under them. That is their duty as a Marine. Their accomplishments are reflected in their Marines’ accomplishments.”Such were the words of Sgt. James Arvin, platoon sergeant with Brig Company, Headquarters and Support Battalion, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and acting squad leader MORE
Riseley Pier slated for removal February 8, 2010 — The sun hung high over the weather-beaten planks as a cool breeze drifted across the sand dunes. A low rumbling sound reverberated in the three men’s ears as they spied a wave of mechanical sea creatures crawling their way toward shore. Two of the men stood proud upon the spectacle as the third realized he was looking at the true speed and MORE
Every minute counts for fire safety February 5, 2010 — The pan has just enough oil and is slowly starting to heat up to just the right temperature to fry some fish. Next to it, a pot of rice is steadily bubbling. Last but not least, the biscuits are baking in the oven carrying their buttery-aroma to every corner of the house.Everything is set for a perfect dinner. Until the cook remembers he forgot to MORE
First Black Marine Drum Major tells his story February 3, 2010 — When breaking a social mold that has been in place for decades, one will always find some form of adversity. Nothing was more controversial in the mid-20th century than the question of race equality when the black community began taking strides to break free of social oppression.“When we went marching by, you could see some of the public whispering MORE
MARSOC corpsman receives Silver Star Medal for heroics in Afghanistan January 21, 2010 — “You hear your buddies go down …You close your eyes… You think about everything … You hear you’re the only other corpsman. What would you do?”Chief Petty Officer Jeremy K. Torrisi, a hospital corpsman with U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command, faced that question June 26, 2008 in the mountains of Afghanistan during the fiercest MORE
Competition-In-Arms Program shooting matches; February-April January 20, 2010 — Every time someone picks up a firearm, it is more than a generic plastic-and-steel manufactured tool to be knocked about like an old hammer. In their hands they carry a near-millennia of refined art, and it is those who respect their firearms that excel in marksmanship.These skills will be put to the test during the greatest Marine Corps shooting MORE
Marine assault amphibian vehicles join Haiti relief mission January 16, 2010 — Long before the sun crested the horizon over the Atlantic Ocean, Marines from the 2nd Assault Amphibian Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, were plowing through the surf toward waiting amphibious assault ships to join the Marine contingent heading to Haiti, Jan. 16.The platoon of vehicles crossed Onslow Beach in pairs to embark aboard the USS Gunston MORE
Marquis named 2009 Navy Medicine East Sailor of the Year January 13, 2010 — For outstanding practices and exemplary conduct with the Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune, Petty Officer 1st Class Richard Marquis received the Navy Medicine East Sailor of the Year award in Millington, Tenn., Dec. 16, 2009.Out of a selection of 15 contestants, judges from the Navy Medicine East command, which includes facilities along the East Coast, MORE

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