Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune


Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

"Home of Expeditionary Forces in Readiness"

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Desert training, PT too; Marines stay fit, Ultimate Frisbee August 30, 2002 — Marines pride themselves on their physical abilities. However, they must train constantly to maintain themselves as pure physical specimens in spite of the weather conditions. They must endure huge raindrops during morning runs; the cold earth while doing push-ups during the daily seven; and the desert's heat, sand and dust to remain the epitome of MORE
Enduring Freedom vet awarded Bronze Star August 30, 2002 — A unit commander here received the Bronze Star earlier this month for his stellar achievements in connection with his combat operations in Afghanistan. Lt. Col. Jerome Lynes, commanding officer, 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, received the award during a battalion formation following his unit's 85th birthday celebration. Maj. Gen. John F. MORE
Marines return from Kosovo August 29, 2002 — Reserve Marines and Sailors serving in the war-torn province of Kosovo began their return here Aug. 28 after providing support for the ongoing Operation Rapid Guardian. Approximately 225 G Company, 2nd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment troops concluded their role in the United Nations-controlled region after more than eight weeks of providing MORE
Boat company attacks water ops August 29, 2002 — 1st Lt. Paul D. Stubbs said when it comes to water-borne operations, no one else in the Marine Corps is better than the devil dogs with Small Craft Company, 2nd Marine Division -- not just because they make up the only boat company in the Corps, but because the Marines are just that good. Some of these water-loving leathernecks displayed just how MORE
Cedar Island on fire August 29, 2002 — "Apache, this is Lightening. ... Fire for effect six-zero-six, seven-seven-eight. ... Time on target, 28," called a camouflage paint-laden radio operator. Minutes later two AV-8B Harriers roared overhead and engaged a simulated truck convoy 1,800 meters north of the Marine's position. This was a common sight when II Marine Liaison Element seized an MORE
CAX-10 Marines challenged; Can your leaders trust you? August 28, 2002 — Booker T. Washington once said, "Few things can help an individual more than to place responsibility on him, and let him know that you trust him."Marine Air Ground Task Force 2's desert warriors recently took a break from training during Combined Arms Exercise 10-02, congregating at the Camp Wilson chapel here to "replenish their spiritual vessels" MORE
Bad day for Ivan, Charlie is here; LAR Marines take on Range 103, CAX 10 August 28, 2002 — Slowly they crept along the hot desert floor. Periodically, they peeked over the sandy dunes - straining to focus their beady eyes through the shimmer of heat rising from the ground as the sun beat down. Tired and thirsty, the heathen force rose up, drawing every bit of strength they could muster, to implement their attack. The group popped their MORE
Sustainment training essential for proficiency August 28, 2002 — Not being able to conduct live- fire training shoots on Okinawa may appear to be a hindrance to mission accomplishment - but that's not the way the Marines of Romeo Battery, 5th Battalion, 10th Marines see it. "We can't conduct live-fire training here but the Marines still get the training - we just have to go to other locations to do it," said MORE
Killer Kilo attacks desert; Quickly destroys enemy strong point August 24, 2002 — Machine gun fire echoed through the rocky canyon at Range 410 Alpha. Marines atop machine-gun hill provided suppression fire for their fellow warriors below as they moved toward their forward objectives. Kilo Company Marines, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, attacked the range Friday. It was their first challenge of Combined Arms Exercise 10-02 MORE
Gunner shares wisdom; Critiques Marines on ranges August 24, 2002 — "These Marines did a good job today, just returning from deployment to Okinawa and losing many of their senior guys," Chief Warrant Officer Stuart J. White said. "This is a chance for them to get back to basics." The battalion gunner, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, praised the Kilo Company Marines for their performance on Range 410 Alpha, the MORE

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