Desert training, PT too; Marines stay fit, Ultimate Frisbee

30 Aug 2002 | Lance Cpl. G. Lane Miley

Marines pride themselves on their physical abilities. However, they must train constantly to maintain themselves as pure physical specimens in spite of the weather conditions. They must endure huge raindrops during morning runs; the cold earth while doing push-ups during the daily seven; and the desert's heat, sand and dust to remain the epitome of military services. These hours of sweat and endurance don't always have to be hard - they can be fun sometimes.

The Marine Air Ground Task Force 2 intelligence specialist staff, participating in Combined Arms Exercise 10-02 here, recently played Ultimate Frisbee for their morning physical training session.

They began the game early as the sun peeked over the ridgeline at Camp Wilson. The warriors designated goals, broke into teams and the fun began. Competitive words, playful taunts and laughter echoed through the camp's metal buildings. They finished up the game and got ready for another Marine Corps workday.

The Camp Lejeune, N.C.-based Marines will return home after completing their training sometime in mid-September.