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Weapons Training Battalion Security

WTBN Security Chief: 910-440-2949
Security Section, Post “Victor 2”: 910-440-2951
OOD: 910-358-1169
PMO “Eagle Eyes” Emergency Dispatch: 910-451-3333

WTBN Traffic Regulations
per WTBNO5510.5D (Reference BO5560.2M)
Admittance of Vehicles: The following vehicles will be permitted access to the Stone Bay Range Complex:
a. Vehicles bearing valid Department of Defense decals.
b. Official federal, state, county or municipal owned vehicles on official business.
c. Vehicles bearing valid Camp Lejeune temporary vehicle passes.
d. Vehicles bearing valid Camp Lejeune construction, retired, house guest or CG guest passes.
e. Vehicle bearing valid Camp Lejeune special events passes, for the purpose of attending the special event only.
f. Sentries will check all commercial vehicle driver licenses and the bill of lading. Procedures may change depending on threat condition.
g. All contractors and MCB maintenance personnel having business with WTBN will be directed to S-3 for check in. Contractors and MCB maintenance personnel with other Stone Bay tenants will be directed to the appropriate location.

h. Sentries will ensure no vehicle is allowed onto the base without a proper DOD decal or pass issued by PMO at the main gate Camp Lejeune. Vehicles without valid passes may be parked behind the Victor 1 Gate or directed to turn around and exit the camp. Sentries will take and hold the valid ID of the driver, direct the driver to park behind Victor 1 or to turn around and exit the base, upon completion of these actions the driver will receive the ID card back.

2. Other Admittance: Persons attempting to enter on foot or by bicycle will be required to show an AFID. If a visitor they will be required to have a sponsor to verify their identity and take responsibility for them. Persons attempting to enter the Stone Bay Range Complex on foot at any location other than the Victor 1 gate will be detained and PMO contacted.

3. Passes: All persons who do not have a valid DOD decal, MCB temporary pass or MCB contractor pass on their vehicle will not be allowed aboard the Stone Bay Range Complex. To further control access to specific areas within the Stone Bay Range Complex an internal pass system has been developed for use aboard Stone Bay. A WTBN sticker, WTBN/SOTG/MSOS visitor/ temporary passes are not a substitute for the DOD Decal or MCB temporary pass.
a. No Pass Procedures: Anyone who does not possess a valid DOD/MCB decal or pass will be directed to report to Vehicle Registration (Bldg. 4000) on the next working day to register their vehicles. After-hours, they will be directed to the Visitor’s Center at the Main Gate to Camp Lejeune.
b. Issue Point: All WTBN permanent and temporary passes will be issued from the security desk (Victor 2) located in RR-11. The S-4 SOTG and MSOS will issue their separate visitor passes. A record of all passes issued will be maintained for a period of two years.
c. WTBN Vehicle Stickers: Personnel permanently assigned to WTBN or any of the tenant commands aboard Stone Bay will be issued a WTBN permanent personnel sticker for their vehicle. This will be executed as part of the check in process. When checking out of the command they will have the sticker removed. A record of passes issued and recovered will be maintained in an electronic data base in the Victor 2 computer.
d. Staff Non-fire Passes: All units firing the weekly combat marksmanship course of fire will have a Staff Non-fire assigned to supervise the units firing detail. Staff Non-fires will receive a brief the week prior to firing from the WTBN S-3. This brief will include security procedures while aboard Stone Bay. In order to execute his duties the Staff Non-fire will be issued a temporary WTBN pass for the duration of the units stay beginning on the day of the brief. The Staff- Non-fire must have a valid DOD/MCB pass in order to receive their pass.
e. WTBN Visitor Passes: WTBN visitor passes are passes that may be issued to visitors or guests boarding Stone Bay with the intent to visit for a variety of purposes. Visitors must have a valid DOD/MCB pass in order to receive this pass. Guests aboard the camp should be issued a pass that extends throughout the time period they are expected to be visiting. These passes are issued at Victor 2 in RR-11.
f. SOTG/MSOS Visitor Passes: Both SOTG and MSOS issue visitor passes to authorize their guests access to their compounds and their designated parking areas. These passes also allow access to parking at the MCX. These passes do not allow access or parking to other areas aboard Stone Bay except the shooters parking lot and the parking area adjacent to the Multi-purpose range when firing. Visitors must have a valid DOD/MCB pass in order to receive this pass. These passes are issued by the either SOTG or MSOS.
4. Special Orders: The following are the special orders for all sentries pertaining to access control:
a. All persons desiring to enter the base will be required to have valid decal and an appropriate pass. Persons requiring a pass must have valid driver’s license, vehicle registration and a sponsored destination.
b. Visitors and guests must be sponsored. Sponsorship can be via phone or in person. The name of the sponsor, address, telephone number, and the name of the person being sponsored will be recorded. Upon arrival at the gate, the guest will be issued a pass and allowed access after verification of required documentation.
c. All passes will be placed on the driver’s side dash, facing upward.
d. Once guests and visitors are aboard the camp they are restricted to those areas normally opened to the general public or the quarters of their sponsor. All barracks, training areas, work spaces, and other designated areas are generally off limits, unless the visitor is escorted.
e. Media personnel will be granted access only after the Public Affairs Officer (PAO) has directed that they be allowed aboard the base. If in doubt, contact the WTBN XO/Security Officer/SOG for verification. The PAO or his representative will escort the media aboard base unless arrangements are made in advance.
Hunters: Specific areas of the Stone Bay Range Complex are designated for either bow or shotgun hunting during defined seasons for various types of game. These areas are constantly changing due to the ongoing construction of new facilities at Stone Bay. Special instructions will be published by the S-3 prior to the start of each season delineating the actual boundaries for the specific season as well as any changes to procedures. In addition to the regulations in BO 5090.115 the following procedures will be used:
a. All hunters will sign-in in the Hunters logbook maintained at Victor 1. The sentry Victor 1 will verify that the hunter has checked in with Conservation Law Enforcement Office, in person or on the web. Upon completion of hunting the hunter will check out with Victor 1.

b. If a hunter fails to check-out prior to sunset the sentry Victor 1 will notify the COG. The COG will attempt to locate the hunter at his reported location. If the COG is unsuccessful he will notify the OOD who will contact the Game Wardens office at (910) 451-5226 or 2196 and then contact the WTBN XO. If it is necessary to conduct a search for a lost hunter the Guard Force will provide assistance to PMO and the Game Wardens.

c. If a hunter is found who has not checked in, does not have a valid hunting license, or is hunting outside of the designated boundaries they will be detained by the Guard Force and the Game Warden notified.
TRAFFIC CONTROL. Traffic Control is one of the routine duties of the Guard Force. Narrow two-lane roads, limited parking, and a large volume of vehicle and pedestrian traffic all contribute to the challenges that face the Guard Force. All Guard Force personnel will be familiar with the provisions of BO P5560.2M and this section when carrying out their duties.

1. Parking: Parking aboard Stone Bay is limited around most buildings and ranges. Because of this specific parking restrictions have been implemented to provide a safe environment for all. The following procedure will be enforced:
a. Personnel with WTBN permanent personnel stickers are authorized to park in any designated parking are aboard Stone Bay.
b. Staff Non-fires are authorized to park in any designated parking are aboard Stone Bay.
c. Visitors are authorized to park in the parking lot adjacent to the area they are visiting.
d. All shooters and students attending WTBN, SOTG, SOI, or MSOS courses will park in the shooters parking lot. Students and visitors to SOTG and MSOS who have a SOTG or MSOS visitors pass are authorized to park in one of the SOTG or MSOS parking areas only.

2. Tactical and Buses Vehicles: Because of their size, tactical vehicles and buses present a greater safety hazard than POV’s.
a. Tactical vehicles and buses will park only in the paved parking lots designated for the known distance ranges. They will not park in the shooters parking lot.
b. Tactical vehicles and buses will park only in the gravel parking lots in front of the Reserve Center, behind RR-1, Hathcock range, and adjacent to the Multi-purpose range.
c. Tactical vehicles and buses may load and unload passengers and equipment by parking on the side of the road in front of RR-1, RR-2, RR-5, the armory (RR-44), and on Range Road adjacent to the known distance ranges. Tactical vehicles and buses will not pull completely off the road in these areas as they may collapse utility, steam, water or sewer lines.

3. Motorcycle Regulations: All motorcycles will have a valid DOD decal or MCB visitor pass in order to gain access to Stone Bay. Motorcycles will comply with the same traffic and parking regulations as automobiles. The following procedures will be enforced for all motorcycle riders.
a. The following protective equipment and clothing are required while operating a motorcycle on Camp Lejeune:
(1) Safety helmet; ANSI-DOT-SNELL approved
(2) High Visibility Vest
(3) Eye Protection
b. All riders must be fully clothed to include full-length trousers or slacks; long sleeve shirt, and hard soled shoes. Footwear must cover the entire foot and heel and sole must be made of hard rubber or leather.
c. Each motorcycle operator is responsible for providing the above protective equipment for the passenger.

4. Non Moving Violations: Only the Security Section members listed in the authorization letter Signed by the MCB Provost Marshal are authorized to write and submit citations under, but not limited to the following circumstances:
a. Illegal parking
b. Parking on grass or seeded area
c. Leaving vehicle unattended
d. Improper or no WTBN parking pass

5. Abandoned vehicles: The Security Officer/SOG will operate in accordance with Provost Marshal Special Order 19-00. They will notify the Impound Lot when there are vehicles to be impounded that are classified as immediate in nature. PMO patrol will tag the vehicle with a 24 hour tow notice. The vehicle will be towed 24 hours later.