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Installation Development Division


Installation Development Division

MCIEAST-MCB Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune, N.C.
Branch Mission

The duties and responsibilities of the Facility Utilization Branch include:

1.   Advisor and consultant to the Director, Installation Development Division on all matters concerning facilities utilization, space management and real property management.

2.   Management and Assignment of Facilities in support of new missions, reorganizations and/or relocations due to renovations of existing facilities. Provides direct liaison with major commands, tenant commands and base organizations on issues pertaining to current and future use of land, buildings and structures that exist within the Camp Lejeune real property inventory.

3.   Co-Chairs MEF Facility Action Team (FAT) whose membership includes the MSCs/MEUs/. Purpose of the working group is to air all issues minor and major effecting organizations within the Camp Lejeune area.  Co-Chairs MEF Facility Action Team (FAT) whose membership includes the MSCs/MEUs/MCAS New River/ II MAW. Purpose of the working group is to air all issues minor and major effecting organizations within the MEF area of responsibility.

4.   Project/Contract coordination with Public Works, Resident Officer in Charge of Construction, MEF, Division, MLG, Tenant organizations, Base S4/S6/BPO that affect occupant relocations in support of building renovations. Upon determination that a facility occupant must be relocated during renovations, find a suitable temporary facility to house the occupant during the construction period ensure that the new facility supports to occupants able to perform their mission.

5.   Administrator of Facilities Asset Database located at https://wmps.geofi-east.usmc.mil/webapps/fap/results.aspx which tracks building assignments, types of usage, planned future use and whether buildings are fully utilized or underutilized or vacant.

6.   Operational planning for major exercises, destructive weather planning, deployment, redeployment and mobilization planning and execution.

7.   Demolition Program Administrator by providing oversight and approval from higher headquarters to demolish buildings that have been identified as excess or in a condition that is considered beyond economical to repair.

8.   Commanding Officer's Readiness Report System Administrator and coordinator.

9.   Member Marine Corps Base Tower Working Group.

10.  Conduct on site Facility Utilization Inspections to ensure space is being used properly.

11.  Real Property Inventory Management for all Class I (Land) and Class II (Facilities).

a.   iNFADS official accounting records.

b.   Coordinates with I&E GIS Office to ensure INFADS data is processed into the appropriate GIS data layer.

12.  Provide fiscal record of real property inventory which includes summaries of acquisitions, dispositions, transfers, capital improvements and statistical information as required by management.