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Branch Mission

The duties and responsibilities of the Facility Planning Branch include:

1.      Advisor and consultant to Installation Development Director on all matters concerning Master Shore Station Development Plans, Military Construction (MCON) projects, Minor Construction Projects and Capital Improvements Plans.

2.      Compile, organize and maintain basic planning instructions, criteria and data for all planning functions.

3.      Compile and prepare program submission for the Military Construction (MILCON) Program, Minor Construction (R-2 and R-1) Program, Marine Corps Community Service (NAF) projects, Energy Conservation program (ECIP), and Marine Corps Range Development projects. Submission documentation includes, but is not limited to, Site Approvals and DD Form 1391s.

4.      Provide technical advice to the Public Works Department components on matters concerning the various programs, reports and project submissions.

5.      Update Basic Facility Requirements (BFRs) for all Base and Tenant Commands. This duty is fulfilled by meeting with the requesting unit to identify official mission, operational needs; reviewing their Table of Organization (T/O) and their Table of Equipment (T/E). Verifies anticipated changes in workload and personnel and incorporates into BFR process.

6.      Gather historical data pertaining to facilities currently occupied and existing conditions of occupied assets. Discusses deficiencies with existing assets and request relative information for corrective action from the various Camp Lejeune departments (Base Utilities, Base Telephone, Safety, Provost Marshall’s office, Public Works Design Branch and Environmental Division).

7.      Review the iNFADS (Internet Facilities Assets Data Store) in Port Hueneme, California to ensure Camp Lejeune structures are being carried appropriately according to conditions, functions and program administrator.

8.      Assign building numbers to newly constructed and temporarily stationed facilities. Planning, preparation, and submission of all construction projects.