Hadnot Point
Map of Hadnot Point
Map of Hadnot Point area showing Holcomb Boulevard at the center, and Regimental Areas and the New River at the bottom.
Planning of the Division Training Area at Hadnot Point commenced in late April 1941. This area was to contain the permanent administrative, housing, and subsistence buildings for the 1stMarDiv. Although the original plans called for six regimental areas, funding was available for only four. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, a fifth regimental area was approved and added to the southeastern end of the other regimental areas; a barracks area for the post troops was also constructed outside the division area near the new post headquarters building.

The regimental groups of buildings and facilities, each planned to accommodate about 3,000 men, were constructed along the eastern shoreline of the New River. Twelve two-story, H-plan barracks of concrete, brick, and steel; three mess halls; six battalion storehouses; and an infirmary were provided in each regimental area. In February 1942, 19 platoon-sized barracks of frame construction were also built to provide billeting for about 1,400 men, which raised the base's capacity to 42,000 men.  The permanent Post Headquarters and Division Headquarters buildings were also erected in the Hadnot Point area. Division Headquarters (Building 2), a two-story brick building with a centrally located cupola, was located at "Bluff Point," a commanding position overlooking the New River. The "command service" facilities included the Post Headquarters (Building 1), post exchange, industrial and supply facilities, and a naval hospital with nurses' quarters and corpsmen's barracks.