Districts & Buildings


Historic Districts & Buildings

Historic districts and buildings are regarded as a cultural resource to be protected and preserved.  The buildings and monuments not only reflect a high degree of design, workmanship, and materials, but possess a central importance in defining and maintaining the historic and architectural character of the Base.  There are several designated Historic Districts and Historic Buildings on MCB Camp Lejeune.  Explore each of these from the links below.

Assault Amphibian Base

Assault Amphibian Base

Naval Hospital Surgeon's Row

Naval Hospital/Surgeon’s Row

Camp Geiger Chapel


Camp Geiger

Parachute Training (PT6)



Parachute Training (PT6)

Command Services Regimental Area



Command Services & Regimental Area 3

Stone Bay Rifle Range



Stone Bay Rifle Range

Montford Point Camp 1


Montford Point Camp No.1

Montford Point Camp 2 and 2a


Montford Point Camps Nos. 2 and 2a


USO Building 

USO Building, Jacksonville, NC