Upon receipt Orders:

1. Pick up Form DSP-11 or DSP-82, from the Military Passport Agent, Distribution Management Office, Passenger Services, Building 233. Application form DSP-11 is completed if you have never had a passport. DSP-82 is completed if you can submit with this application your most recent U.S. Passport, issued in your name within the last 12 years and after your 18th birthday. Dependents 13 and older must personally appear before the passport agent to sign the application. ID cards are required for identification purposes. Also, a visa form, additional photographs, and a fee may be required. Call the passport agent at 451-1971/2714/5019 for further instructions in the event you have Foreign National dependents.

2. See your Unit Administrative Office, for preparation of Form DD1056 (Authorization to Apply for a No-Fee Passport and/or Visa). DD-1056 forms should be ERROR AND TYPEOVER FREE. (Note: The military passport agent does not provide the DD-1056)

3. Passport pictures, can be obtained for official passports from the Photo Lab (Bldg. 54, Phone 451-1516 at Camp Lejeune or Bldg. AS-425 at MCAS New River). All applicants, regardless of age, must have at least two identical passport photos. Depending on the country you are going to, additional visa photos may be required. Contact the military passport agent if in doubt as to extra photographs. (Note: The DD-1056 or a copy of your message/orders as verification that photos are authorized may be required. Deploying units may have a blanket order.)

4. Evidence of Citizenship/Birth. Obtain a certified copy of each dependent’s birth certificate. The birth certificate must show the date of birth, a file date within one year after birth, and have a state seal imprinted or stamped thereon. Please note that it must be the original filed birth certificate. It cannot be a Hospital Notification of Birth or a Xeroxed copy of a birth certificate that has been notarized or certified as a true copy. If necessary, you will need to write to Vital Statistics Office in the state where you were born to get a certified copy of the birth certificate. A U.S. citizen who was born outside the United States needs to produce his/her Ceritifcate of Citizenship issued by Immigration and Naturalization Service; or a “Report of Birth Abroad” (Form FS-240); or a “Certification of Birth” (Form DS-1350 or FS-545) issued by the Department of State. If none of the above are available, contact the passport agent for further instructions. Naturalized citizens must present either a previous U.S. Passport or their original Naturalization Certificate. (ALL EVIDENCE OF BIRTH WILL BE RETURNED WITH THE NEW PASSPORT.)

5. PROCESSING TIME. Four to six weeks should be allotted for the processing of a passport application. During the peak season (Mar-Aug) the processing time may be longer. If less time is allotted, a letter of expeditious handling shall be submitted. Paragraph one shall contain the individual/list of personnel in alphabetical order (regardless of rank), rank and social security number. Paragraph two shall contain the country or countries to be visited and the reason for expeditious handling i.e., …due to the delayed reporting time of key personnel…due to the late identification of key personnel…immediate travel orders issued without any prior notice or time for advance planning, etc. Paragraph three shall contain POC with phone number.

6. Checklist of Required Items before proceeding to military passport agent.

a. DSP-11 or DSP-82 for each dependent

b. DD-1056 for each dependent

c. Proof of U.S. Citizenship/Birth for each dependent (Birth Certificate/previous Passport)

d. Two identical photos for each dependent

e. Copy of message/AWOP/Orders with all modification thereto

Reference: MCO 5512.4N
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