No Fee Passports


•  No-fee passports are processed, for travelers, who are on official orders to countries that require this type of passport to enter. As such you will need your Official Orders and in some cases you will need your itinerary (ask the Passport agent if itinerary is necessary). You must be a US citizen and have proof of citizenship. That would be a state certified birth certificate, a US passport (current or expired), a certificate of birth abroad or an original naturalization certificate. All documents must be original.

Scheduling a No Fee Passport Appointment

Passport applications are only seen by a Passport Agent and by appointment only.

  1. The DMO agent will validate that the applicant confirming a no fee passport is required. 


  2. Family appointments must be booked in an hour increment, single applicants are booked in a 30 minute increment and large groups have to be scheduled by one of the passport agents.  You will be required to provide full name, phone number, country you are traveling to, unit and how many are applying (family or group).


  3. On the date of your appointment show up to the DMO passenger travel section and the Front Desk Clerk will validate your appointment and guide you to the passport agent.


  4. Any unusual questions or Visa appointments please contact a passport agent who can assist you at one of the following numbers and email:

    1.  (910) 451-9509

    2.  (910) 451-5019

    3.  (910) 450-8428

    4.  Email:

Scheduling Group Appointments

  1. A group appointment consists of a large number (10 or more) of applicants with a particular unit (example 26th MEU, or VMM 266) that requires official passports. 


  2. Large units that require passports please have your units Adjutant contact the passport agent to receive all information on Official "no-fee" Passport requirements and to schedule all members for the unit's passport appointments.

Passport Required Documents

  1. ORIGINAL Birth Certificate (PLUS one copy of ORIGINAL Birth Certificate)  

  2. Original Naturalization Certificate (if applicable)

  3. Official Marriage Certificate (if you took your spouse's last name)

  4. Copy of Military ID, front and back/on one side of paper

    1. Spouse or child over 16: his/her ID with package

    2. Children: both parents ID with package

  5. Two PASSPORT photos taken within the last 6 months

  6. DD Form 1056

    1. (May 2016 version must be typed)

  7. Passport application

    1. DS-11 New Passport Application

    2. DS-82 Renewal of Passport

"The Need to Know"

  1. Do not start a passport application without contacting the passport agent first

  2. Basic orders for PCS only (copy for each application)

  3. Step by step process for completing the passport application will be provided to you by the passport agent once you have made contact

  4. When taking passport photos, hair accessories cannot be worn

  5. Every person applying for a passport has to PHYSICALLY be present at DMO

  6. If there are step children or adopted children involved, contact a passport agent for further instructions
  7. If you have a lost or stolen passport, you must contact the passport agent for further instructions
  8. Active Duty Members going to Japan are NOT required to have a passport; family members "do" require one

      Passport Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 0800-1100 and 1300-1500

• Passport Agent
  (910) 451-9509    (910) 451-5019
  Distribution Management Office
  Bldg 1011 Ash St DMO Camp Lejeune
• For personal travel, please purchase a tourist passport. The local phone number is (910) 938-5200. Visit the website for assistance.

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