Frequently Asked Questions
 Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I go to submit a Household Goods claim for damages or missing items?
All claims are filed within the Defense Personal Property System (DPS) with the assigned Transportation Service Provider (TSP) utilizing the claim module within DPS. If you do not agree with the TSP’s settlement agreement, then you can file at depreciated cost with the Military Claims Office (MCO).

Where can I weigh my vehicle for a Personal Property Move (PPM)?
DMO Camp Lejeune has two scales.  One scale is located at Lot 201 on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, and the second is located on Marine Corps Air Station New River at Bldg AS-4307 by the back gate, open M-F from 0730 to 1500.  You can use any certified public scale within 50 miles of origin that will provide you with a certified weight ticket only as long as the Base scales are not open. There are several local companies that have scales for just this purpose.

If I know or think I'm over my weight allowance, what can I do to protect myself from being charged?
You can request a witness reweigh by DMO or a witness the reweigh yourself. You need to make sure all Professional Books, Paper & Equipment (PBP&E, aka pro gear) is listed on the inventory with a weight beside each item. You are not charged for the weight of your Pro gear, towards your movement entitlement. There is also a 10% reduction for packing materials used in conjunction with your domestic shipment.  For additional information please contact your DMO Counseling Office for the answer.

What is the difference between Non-Temporary Storage and Temporary Storage or Storage In Transit (SIT)?
Non-Temporary Storage (Long Term Storage) is the storage of your personal property when you go overseas or to training and schools in excess of 20 weeks. Temporary Storage or Storage in Transit (SIT) is the temporary storage of your household goods. Your shipment will be placed in SIT when you arrive at your new location but you are not ready to receive your household goods (e.g. looking for a house, etc.). The shipment may remain in SIT for up to 90 days, with extensions possible with proper justification beyond the initial 90 day period, up to 180 days.

Who do I call if I'm having issues with the movers while they are packing or unpacking my house?
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the moving services being provided by the moving company, you should immediately contact Camp Lejeune Quality Assurance at (910) 450-8409  Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 4:30 pm (except Federal Holidays).  After hours call - (910) 320-6366 or (910) 459-0974  Contact List.  Customers are encouraged to contact the Customer Support Center at 833-MILMOVE ((833) 645-6683)

Am I required to feed the moving crew, give them beverages, or tip them for their work?
There are no requirements to provide food or beverages to the movers. You may choose to offer the moving crew food or non-alcoholic beverages, but it is not required. Tipping the movers for their services is neither suggested nor recommended.

How important is it that I complete the survey at the end of my move?
Your feedback regarding the quality of the moving service that you received is important to us and the DoD as a whole. The information that you provide will allow us and the DoD to focus on critical concerns and take appropriate punitive action when warranted, as well as improve the service provided to customers who will be moving in the future.

Why is it necessary for me to provide my en route e-mail address and / or my en route cell telephone numbers to my origin and destination Personal Property Offices?
Having your en route email address or telephone number is important. From time to time, it may be necessary for us or the TSP to contact you with important information regarding the status of your shipment. When your shipment arrives the TSP must be able to notify you of this right away, particularly if you want a direct delivery instead of placing your property into temporary storage. If we or the TSP are unable to contact you within these timeframes, the shipment will be placed into temporary storage and especially during the busy summer season could delay your desired delivery date.

What are the work hours for the moving crews?
The movers are required to arrive to your residence between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm in accordance with the Defense Transportation Regulation.

My paperwork says the required delivery date is such and such date - does that mean my Household Goods (HHG) will be delivered on that day?
Your shipping documents will provide you a Required Delivery Date (RDD). This date reflects the "no-later than" date that your TSP must have the shipment to the destination agent and available for delivery. The RDD does not mean that the agent must deliver the property to your residence NLT the RDD. Please remember that if the shipment has not arrived by the RDD, you are entitled to then file an inconvenience claim with the TSP for reasonable out of pocket expenses that you may incur. Ensure that you retain any and all receipts to expedite this process. Please review the inconvenience claim sample letter.
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