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Conservation Law Enforcement


Conservation Law Enforcement

"...to provide wildlife enforcement and a safe hunting and fishing environment for the harvesting of natural resources..."

General Trapping Information

Trapping On Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune:

· You must meet the authorized user requirements listed on the Conservation Law Enforcement Office “Hunting Web Site.”

· A Base Trapping Permit is required for persons 13 years of age and older, and must  be in possession of a valid North Carolina State Trapping License.

· The Base Trapping Permit can be obtained at the Conservation Law Enforcement Office. The Trapping Permit is valid from July of the year of purchase to the following June, at a cost of $25.00 dollars.

Trapping Procedures:

· All trapping must be conducted in accordance with the current North Carolina State and Federal Laws and Regulations governing trapping, to include the following requirements:

· Traps must be marked with owner’s identification.

· Traps must be checked daily, and captured animals removed.

· Prior to setting a trap line, trappers must notify the Conservation Law Enforcement Office by telephone letting them know where you intend to trap.

· Trapping is not allowed in areas being used for live-fire exercises, in the nature study area (located by Brewster Middle School and Lejeune High School), Paradise Point riding trails, impact areas, or within 100 yards of any residential area.

· Trapping is prohibited in training areas prior to and during scheduled organized hunts.

· Trappers must submit in writing to the Conservation Law Enforcement Office a report, within seven days after the end of the trapping season, specifying the number of/and  species harvested during the season.

Type of Traps Not Allowed:

· All spiked-jawed and killer-type traps larger than No. 220 are prohibited. All killer traps must be completely submerged in water while set.

· All leg-hold traps larger than No. 2 are prohibited.