General Fishing Requirements

General NC State “Inland Waters” Fishing Requirements

Non-resident members of the armed forces including their spouses and dependants under 18 , who are stationed in the State of North Carolina, are deemed  residents of the county they reside in for the purpose of purchasing a resident license. Resident county licenses are limited to that county which the person resides.

A person under the age of sixteen is exempt from the requirement to posses a basic fishing license, and must be accompanied by an adult or guardian.

Identification and a fishing license either in-land Fishing License or CRFL (Coastal Recreation Fishing License) must be carried at all times while engaged in the act of fishing.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission establishes size and creel limits for all “Inland Water Game Fish” and are published yearly in the NC Regulations Digest, along with general state fishing regulations.


Fishing with artificial bait or digestible bait requires a state fishing license and can be obtained from any North Carolina Licensing Agent.

Hook-and-line is the only legal method of taking inland fish, with recreational license.

"Coastal Water" Fishing Requirements

Coastal Recreation Fishing License (CRFL) is required for recreational fishing, in Coastal WATERS.

Size and creel limits are established by the North Carolina Marine Fisheries Division and are published yearly.

No license is required for the recreational harvest of shrimp, bay scallops, oysters, or clams provided that size and creel limits are not exceeded, and that the manner of harvest is legal.

Base Fishing Permits

A base fishing permit is required for ALL ponds and waterbodies that are completely surrounded by base property. These permits are obtainable via RecAccess. The permits are obtainable in a hunting and fishing combination ($40.00), fishing only ($25.00) or 3-day fishing ($15.00).

Camp Lejeune currently maintains 8 ponds, 46.5 acres total, which are managed by the Fish and Wildlife Section of the Environmental Management Division


Cedar Point Pond 2.0  BL,BA
Henderson Pond 14.0 BL,BA
Hickory Pond 5.5 BL,BA
Mile Hammock Bay Pond 1.5 BL,BA
Orde Pond 3.0 BL,BA
Ward Pond 1.5 BL,BA
Old Landfill Pond 17.5 BA,C
New River Pond 1.5 BL,BA


(* BL= Bluegill, BA=Bass, C=Channel Catfish)


Persons under the age of 16 may fish with a parent or guardian, without a MCB Fishing Permit, in the managed ponds. However, the parent or guardian must sign a “Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk” for the minor dependant. An adult must accompany children under 10 at all times.

It is prohibited to fish with minnows, or to release minnows in the managed pond areas.

Base permits are not transferable to another, and may not be used by anyone other than that person whose name appears on the permit.

Hook-and-Line is the only legal method to take fish from base ponds.

All Grass Carp caught in base ponds must be released back to the ponds immediately and unharmed.

All Bass caught in Hickory Pond must be released. No more than two Bass may be kept if they exceed 14 ½ inches in length out of Henderson Pond.

Preserving Natural Resources

It is everyone's responsibility to ensure that Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune’s Natural Resources remain in good order for the next recreational fisherman to enjoy.

Always pick-up litter and deposit it in an approved trash receptacle.

Never spade or dig bait along shoreline that can lead to soil erosion.

Only use rowboats, canoes, or boats powered by electric trolling motors within the base ponds, to decrease the effect of pollution in the fresh water base ponds.