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Stephen DiCenso, a student at Lejeune High School, drives the ball to the hoop for the Lejeune Lakers during the Lejeune March Madness basketball tournament at Lejeune High School, March 21. The Lejeune Lakers were defeated by the Lejeune Clippers 61-50.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Mark Watola

Teachers win Lejeune March Madness 73-60

21 Mar 2014 | Lance Cpl. Mark Watola

Students and staff of Lejeune High School hosted the first Lejeune March Madness basketball game at the Lejeune High School gymnasium aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Friday.

“Lejeune High School’s sophomore class organized the event to raise money for their junior prom,” said Shari McPeak, social studies teacher and sophomore class sponsor. Admission to the game was $5 per person, raising a total of $795.

Due to heightened interest, two student teams were formed to battle it out prior to the main event. The winning team would progress on in hopes of beating the staff team.

Student teams, the Lejeune Lakers and the Lejeune Clippers, went head-to-head in a game of two, 16-minute halves. The Lejeune Clippers pulled ahead early in the first half, leading the Lejeune Lakers 34-21.

The Lejeune Lakers started to close the gap during the second half, but were unable to take down the Lejeune Clippers, who took the title as the student representatives with a final score of 61-50.

 “The Clippers played a good game,” said Da’Rod Crutchfield, a freshman at LHS and Lejeune Lakers player. “We played well, but hopefully next year we’ll play better,” Crutchfield added.

As the student team winners, the Lejeune Clippers faced the staff team in two, 20-minute halves.

“Age and experience will outwit youth and energy,” said Carr. “The students all want to be the big scorer and their teamwork will show. If we keep our team solid, then we will take it.”

At the end of the first half, the students led 34-33.

The teams were neck and neck until the final 10 minutes when the teachers took the lead and won the game by 13 points, with a final score 73-60.

“Lejeune March Madness isn’t just a fundraiser,” said Carr. “It brings the community into the school for a relaxed and fun time. It gets the parents to come in. Schools are much happier when parents are involved; they know what’s going on. They get to meet the teachers in a different element. We hope to do this every year,” Carr added.



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