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A participant of Hard Corps Beast, a High Intensity Tactical Training Center class, builds his core with a medicine ball during a tough group class at the H.I.T.T. Center aboard Camp Lejeune, Aug. 6. Find us on Google + ( Follow us on Twitter ( Like us on Facebook (

Photo by Lance Cpl. Jackeline M. Perez Rivera

Hard Corps Beast offers core workout

14 Aug 2013 | Lance Cpl. Jackeline M. Perez Rivera

Members of the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune community can shrink their waistline and strengthen their cores at Hard Corps Beast.
From 11 to 11:25 a.m. Monday through Friday, High Intensity Tactical Training Center instructors conduct a dynamic range of workouts designed to tone participant’s abdominal muscles.
“Core strength is the foundation of daily life,” said Nicole Freres, a H.I.T.T. Center instructor. “If patrons create a strong core they will have fewer injuries.”
The core describes the muscles around a person’s torso, including their back, side, pelvic area and abdominal muscles.
Core muscles support almost all activities including everyday acts and on-the-job activities.
Standing, sitting, lifting and carrying items are among the many ways core muscles are used every day. 
“Any exercise you do involves your core, whether it’s walking, jogging, running, squatting or power lifting,” said John Heger, the H.I.T.T. Center manager. “A strong core is a necessity.”
The class is quick paced with high intensity, resulting in a stronger workout.
Weighted medicine balls are used to increase resistance and make the exercises more challenging than they would be otherwise, said Freres.
“We like to give the best product we can,” said Freres. “We always want patrons to walk away feeling like they’ve accomplished something. If they walk away and say it was a challenge, we have done our job.”
Hope Wallis, a patron who has attended the class for a year, said the instructors are motivating and make working out fun.
“It’s a challenging class,” said Wallis. “(The instructors) always mix it up.”
Since she began attending the class, Wallis has noticed she has become stronger, her body fat has decreased and her muscles are more defined. 
Despite the intensity of the class, all patrons are encouraged to participate.
“We like to see people of all fitness levels come consistently to get better and stronger,” said Freres. “We want to get people out here exercising.”
The H.I.T.T. Center’s facility accommodates larger groups. Most classes have 30 to 80 participants.
Hard Corps Beast is taught by a variety of instructors to keep the curriculum fresh.
“We have seen that patrons like having a variety of instructors versus just one person teaching the class,” said Freres.
Occasionally, multiple instructors take the helm for a class and rotate through exercises. Each instructor brings something new to the class, said Heger.
Instructors conduct research, go to fitness conventions and observe patrons at the H.I.T.T. Center for new workout ideas.
“As fitness professionals, we’re constantly looking for new ideas so patrons don’t get used to the same thing,” said Freres.  “You have to challenge the body in different ways.”
H.I.T.T. Center instructors are also available for private sessions.
For more information or to request private instruction for your unit, visit, or call 451-0122.
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