Piney Green Gate under renovation

10 Jun 2011 | Lance Cpl. Victor Barrera

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune’s commercial vehicle entrance control facility, better known as the Piney Green Gate, is currently under construction and once completed, will heighten base security.

The contractors who are currently building the new main gate on Holcomb Boulevard have also been tasked with the Piney Green Gate, which is slated to be finished by early fall of this year.

The contract includes improvements to Old Sawmill Road, which serves as a connection to Holcomb Boulevard and Piney Green Road, and also a new traffic signal on Lejeune Boulevard.

“This will help improve traffic going in and out of the base,” said Navy Lt. Michael Carr, a project manager with the Officer in Charge of Construction, Marine Corps Installation East. “The construction on Piney Green will also enhance protection with the new and improved Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection measures installed."

When all construction is completed, there will be five lanes outbound lanes and two inbound lanes compared to the three outbound and one inbound that Piney Green Road currently has. For commercial vehicles that come on base, the gate will have a commercial vehicle inspection area.

“We have moved the gate further into the base like the one that is currently being constructed on Holcomb,” said Carr. “We have also added a non-lethal vehicle barrier, which will meet the Anti-Terrorism Force Protection requirements.”

For decorative purposes, gates will be added from the Piney Green Gate to Lejeune Boulevard. With it will be a crash-rated gate that can be used when the Piney Green Gate is closed on weekends.

The decorative gates on the outgoing side of the road will be constructed roughly 90 feet away from the road because of an upcoming project that will add two extra lanes, one outbound and the other inbound which will run all the way down to Sneads Ferry Road.

"Bear in mind, the whole purpose of this is physical security," said Ensign Jason Spotts, who is taking over the project from LT Carr. "The upgrades will benefit the base's physical security. Moreover, the added inspection areas provide a safer location for personnel to inspect commercial vehicles. Although it is disrupting traffic right now, when everything is completed, the base will be more secure."