Hunter Safety Class offered by the Lejeune Rod and Gun Club

30 Jun 2010 | Lance Cpl. Victor A. Barrera

The Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Rod and Gun Club is slated to offer a two-day Hunter Safety Class July 10-11, Aug. 14-15 and Sept 11-12.

The course is taught by certified North Carolina Wildlife Commission instructors and is a requirement for anyone who wants to get a hunting license. The course is offered only three times a year by the Rod and Gun Club and can only accommodate up to 35 people.

“The course covers different things, such as rules and regulations for hunting in North Carolina and Camp Lejeune,” said Robert Lachapelle, an instructor for the course. “We also cover hunting with different weapons like bows, black-powder rifles and pistols.”

Safety equipment and use and survival techniques are also taught to the students to ensure they are well prepared for whatever they may encounter while out hunting game, be it water fowl, deer or turkey.

“On the second day we take them to a rifle range for their instruction and evaluation on different weapons,” said Lachapelle. “They will shoot a wide array of weapons and we will see if they handle the weapons safely.”

If the instructors feel that the weapons are not handled safely, they can fail the student.

“We emphasize that they know what lies in front of the target as well as behind,” added Lachapelle. “On base they are required to wear both a solid orange vest and hat, while off base they can choose either or.”

Lachapelle said classes tend to fill up later in the year, and if people wanted to complete their hunter safety class, they could sign up and reserve a slot.

Be it duck or deer, people who want to go hunting are required to complete the hunter safety class as well as have a valid hunting license. One of the many places to fulfill those prerequisites is at the Rod and Gun Club.

To receive more information or to reserve a seat, call 910-455-5452.