ETEAM strives to put Marines through college

30 Jun 2010 | Lance Cpl. Victor A. Barrera

Marines who are reaching the end of their enlistment and want to further their academic career can use the Elite to Elite Academic Mission to find a college if they meet certain requirements.

The Elite to Elite Academic Mission, better known as the ETEAM, ensures that qualified Marines will not need to compete with the mass of applicants for a spot in one of the 13 University of North Carolina colleges.

The ETEAM has a contract with the 13 UNC colleges that guarantees any Marine a spot in one of their slots.

“We are looking for quality men and women who are honorably EASing, meet the criteria and want to go to college,” said David Schock, Regional School Liaison for Marine Corps Installations-East. “It’s pretty easy; all they do is meet requirements, get selected by the board and they will go to one of their top three college choices.”

Requirements for acceptance into the ETEAM include having a North Carolina residency, 70 or above on their armed forces qualification test, a 115 or higher on their general qualification test, a minimum score of 1,000 on their SAT or a ACT score of 22.

“We also look for rank, their service and the kind of work ethics,” added Schock.

Depending on their end of active service and when a service member turns in their package for approval, they could start school as soon as fall 2010.

Another benefit of using the ETEAM to find a college in North Carolina is that the GI Bill will fully cover tuition since the campuses are all state schools.

“There’s no set number of how many Marines we can put through the program,” said Schock. “The only limit is them not turning in an application.”

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