: Prohibited dogs must be registered no later than April 1

15 Mar 2010 | Lance Cpl. Victor A. Barrera

After a vicious dog attack on Tarawa Terrace, aggressive breeds were banned from base housing. However, service members who already own prohibited dogs, prior to the order, may be exempt if their pets pass a temperament test.

The deadline to have all prohibited breeds registered and waivered is April 1.

The official Marine Corps-wide regulation, P11000.22, states banned breeds include pit bulls, rottweilers, canid/wolf hybrids or any breeds with dominant traits of aggression.

Out of the 200 known dogs in base housing that fall into the vicious animal category only 46 have been registered, said Jerry Swain, director of Family Housing Division.

Before a service member can register their dog, the dog must complete a temperament test, which focuses on obedience and determines the amount of control the owner has over the animal.

Currently there are approximately 20 veterinarians in the local area who can test the animals by American Kennel Club regulations, which is an accepted form of evaluation for the pets.

After the test has been passed, service members must submit a waiver form along with proof that their pet has passed the canine test, is registered with the base veterinarian, has received inoculations and is equipped with a microchip.

The deadline will not be extended for residents with prohibited breeds. If pet owners do not register their animals before April 1, then their pets will be removed from the premises, or the family can be evicted, said Swain.

For more information contact the Family Housing Office at 450-1627.