Camp Lejeune sunrise service Celebrates Easter

3 Apr 2010 | Lance Cpl. Victor A. Barrera

People throughout the world celebrate Easter in their own special way. Some may hold processions or family gatherings while others make pilgrimages to Jerusalem. Service members, relatives and retirees aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, celebrated Easter morning by attending the Easter Sunrise Service, April 4.

More than 100 people attended the service which was held at the 2nd Marine Logistics Group amphitheater. The view allowed people who attended the service to see the Farnell Bay.

It was a bit dark outside as the church members took their seats in the chilly air, but as the service progressed the sun started peeking over the horizon.

The sermon covered the topics of how everyone’s life would be different if Christ had not resurrected, as well as the price he had to pay for sins to be forgiven.

“If Jesus had not resurrected then the disciples were false witnesses,” said Cmdr. Robert Carpenter, command chaplain with Deployment Processing Command-East. “All of them, except for John the Apostle died martyrs; no man would die for a lie.”

Another topic that was covered was the Christ’s resurrection and return to heaven.

If he had not risen from the grave then death would have had the victory over him, said Carpenter.

“Even in grief over the loss of a loved one we are comforted knowing that that loved one knew Christ and is with him now,” added Carpenter. “All who know Christ can anticipate the same triumph and everlasting life.”

As the service drew to an end, the sun climbed over the horizon and bathed the amphitheater and surrounding area in its warm glow.

“Today was a great, beautiful day,” said Maj. Marven Brown, a material readiness officer with Headquarters Battalion, 2nd Marine Division. “This is a reminder of what Easter is about, Christ’s resurrection.”