Changes coming to the ‘Lemon Lot’

22 Feb 2007 | Lance Cpl. Patrick M. Fleischman

In a small corner of the commissary parking lot service members and their dependants have been selling pretty much anything that has rubber on steel using the Marine Corps Community Service Lemon Lot Program. But users of the lot will be experiencing some big changes.

In order to provide a more professional, secure and organized selling space, MCCS will be consolidating the area into one lot with 114 individually numbered and painted parking spots, which will be assigned exclusively to the seller of the vehicle, said Wynn Hildreth, Deputy Director of MCCS here.

“The current lot is so disorganized,” said Hildreth. “We have cars parked all over that side of the lot and it’s hard to tell if it is on sale or just left there while a person is away.”

These changes will not come without a cost explains Hildreth. With the new plan sellers will have to pay $20 per space and there will be a maximum period of three months to sell their vehicle such as a car, truck or motorcycle. Larger vehicles such as recreational vehicles that need two spaces will cost $40.

The fee is to offset the costs associated with painting, maintenance and the personnel needed to keep the program organized, said Hildreth.

In order repaint the lot and provide assigned spaces, MCCS will be contacting all owners who currently have a vehicle located in the lot and asking them to move their vehicle no later than Feb 28.

Vehicle owners are asked to move their vehicle behind the yellow line into sections P, Q, R, or S of the parking lot.

To obtain a new Resale Lot Authorization Form visit Videos 'N More store in the Marine Corps Exchange Mall and for information about the changes call 451-5928.