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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Major Gen. Robert C. Dickerson, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune?s commanding general, accepts the Commander in Chief?s Annual Award for Installation Excellence from the Honorable Kenneth J. Krieg, the under secretary of defense for acquisition, technology and logistics Wednesday at The Pentagon. The annual event honors the top installations whose personnel have achieved outstanding and innovative efforts in maintaining a commitment to excellence.

Photo by Cpl. Nicholas A. Elter

Camp Lejeune brings home fifth CINC award

17 Aug 2005 | Cpl. Elsa M. Portillo

Major Gen. Robert C. Dickerson, Marine Corps Base commanding general, accepted the 2004 Commander in Chief’s Annual Award for Installation Excellence Wednesday at the Pentagon.

This is Camp Lejeune’s fifth CINC award, highlighting the base for its outstanding and innovative efforts of those who operate and maintain defense installations.

“It is always good to be recognized by the president of the United States and when the chief of staff reaches down and touches you and says you’re doing a good job, it means a lot,” said Dickerson. “More importantly, it means a lot to the young Marines and sailors.”

The award recognizes the installation as a community of personnel who have strived for higher standards and inventive improvements in the field of energy conservation, environmental management, safety, support services and various other areas.  This extra effort in turn reflects the commitment to excellence both in mission accomplishment and quality of life for those living and working within the installation and the community.

A high standard of community interaction is also a factor when being selected for the award. 

“I think the interaction between Camp Lejeune and the community has been great for many years,” said Jacksonville Mayor Jan Bean Slagle.  “However, I believe it has become even better with Maj. Gen. Dickerson because he puts such a high priority on it.”

The community expressed its support for Camp Lejeune with approximately 50 civilian and military leaders in attendance.

All the services had supporters in attendance and all rallied for their respective service.  The feeling of pride in each service’s accomplishments could be seen in the faces of the commanders and in their speeches.

This spirit of competition began with former President Ronald Reagan’s challenge to the Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy and Army in 1984.

“I am confident that this search for excellence and innovations will yield many new and better ways of accomplishing our mission and at the same time honor those whose dedication had produced the best Defense organization in the world,” said Reagan.

Reagan’s sentiment still holds true today and now includes the Defense Logistics Agency. 

This year’s winners include:

Fort Stewart, Hinesville, Ga.

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville, N.C.

Naval Base Kitsap, Silverdale, Wash.

Misawa Air Base, Japan

Defense Distribution Depot San Joaquin, Calif.

The recognition of Camp Lejeune’s award not only brought the base’s personnel accolades it also brought the installation some physical and monetary awards.  Camp Lejeune received a trophy with the president’s seal, an installation flag of excellence, a congratulatory letter signed by the president, a monetary incentive bonus of $ 200,00.00 and more.

These gifts are and additional way to recognize the dedication to excellence by all parties involved and give all installations an incentive to challenge themselves even more in hopes of attaining next year’s CINC award.